Qianzhuang embroidered wall cloth sprinkles youth

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Qianzhuang, embroidered with a thread into the publicity of life, is not only an ancient legend, but also the fearlessness of youth. It is publicity and introverted, not interfering with each other, communicating and coexisting. Just to give you the best

ignite the fire of life with fearless courage

flamingos symbolize freedom

boredom and depression

I don't know what vacancy is

recklessly sprinkle youth

love and elegance raise together


enthusiasm and youth

birds like the Phoenix in legend are reborn after the fire burns, and rekindle with immortal and endless hope.Longing for life, longing for the future

I don' t Know What Empty Is.

unbridled youth



wears a white and red pink jacket, with two long legs standing leisurely, and the red tone is deeper. Looking from a distance, the whole body is as red as a fire, and the legs are as red as two flaming fire sticks. The wings shake slightly from time to time, and then set off red ripples on the lake, weaving into this beautiful colorful practice

dance and fly


there is a strange bird in Loulan ancient country. It is said that they will fly to the South all the time after they are full of feathers, just to let the sky fire ignite their feathers in Nanyan mountain, and then bring the fire back to Loulan ancient country and turn it into ashes in Tianyi mountain. Therefore, the people of Loulan call him flamingo

unquenchable will

no matter where, the color of flamingos is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery. The food they eat causes the originally white feathers to transmit bright red, which also makes them have a different color of life




I don't know what color to use to express the color of life. Each color seems to be unable to deduce the legendary color of flamingo

a show of youth

embroidery is the precipitation of history and the interpretation of legendary colors. The interweaving of colors between stitches and lines is also the painting of lines. The needle is used as a brush, stained with bright red, drawing the legend of flamingo's rebirth

interpret the Flamingo with embroidery. The silk thread is intertwined, and the feather plume is painted on the cloth of the whole life with one stroke under the embroidery line, as if only one feather of the Flamingo deduced with embroidery seems to have life



some people say that flamingos are divine birds and contain infinite energy in their bodies. Dancing and flying is just a challenge to the excess energy. Some people say that dancing is to express the pleasure of the collective, and flying is to show the talents of individuals. It is also said that flamingos, like the legendary Phoenix, are reborn from ashes after being burned by fire



Qianzhuang, embroidered with a thread into the publicity of life, is not only an ancient legend, but also the fearlessness of youth, publicity and introversion, non-interference, interoperability and coexistence

just to give you the best


I want to see the sea with you

Qianzhuang embroidery is committed to creating a new model of the integration of embroidery and soft clothing with the mission of "innovating embroidery technology and carrying forward embroidery culture" and the purpose of "creating the art of life"

(source: Qianzhuang process)




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