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Shuanghumen Xinjiang alar store is fully dressed and opened. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit! Shuanghu wooden door will continue to bring our customers the best products and services

Shuanghu wooden door Xinjiang alar store is fully dressed and opened. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit

alar city, located at the southern foot of Tianshan Mountain, the northern edge of Taklimakan Desert, and the upper reaches of Tarim River at the intersection of Aksu River, Hotan River and Yarkant River, is between 80 ° 30 to 81 ° 58 east longitude and 40 ° 22 to 40 ° 57 north latitude. It is adjacent to Shaya County in the East, Awati County in the west, Aksu City in the South and North, and Xinhe County in the northeast. It is 130 kilometers long from east to west and 60 kilometers wide from north to south. The total area is 4196 square kilometers, accounting for 65.5% of the total area of the first agricultural division; The urban planning control area is 879.64 square kilometers, and the total land for urban master planning and construction is 21 square kilometers. Address of the Municipal People's Government: Shengli Avenue, alar city. Alar is a county-level city directly under the jurisdiction of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, which implements the division city integration management system

Shuanghu wooden door is the main brand in Chongqing and represents the landmark brand of the development of Chongqing wooden door industry. It is the only enterprise in China's wooden door industry that has been listed as the designated door of Shanghai WorldExpo by the Shanghai WorldExpo engineering project department and is responsible for manufacturing the main gate of the Shanghai Pavilion of the WorldExpo, supplying more than 3800 sets of wooden doors for the WorldExpo, At the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, he stepped on the international stage of the Asian Games as the only sponsor of the Chinese wooden door industry, showing the style of the only vice president unit of the Chinese wooden door association in Suzhou, as well as the Chinese wooden door culture, leading the Chinese wooden door industry to a higher and further goal. Mengtian wooden door, the largest wooden door manufacturer in Asia, is the leading brand in China's wooden door industry, and also the oldest veteran enterprise in China. At present, it is also the most influential brand in the industry. It not only represents Zhejiang wooden door industry, but also represents the whole wooden door industry

Shuanghu wooden door will continue to bring the best products and services to our customers by entering alar, Xinjiang




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