Management and maintenance of automatic fire alarm

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Management and maintenance of automatic fire alarm system - ensure normal operation (6)

the linkage control system plays a very important role in protecting the safety in the building. Therefore, the control equipment of indoor fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system, electric fire door, fire shutter, ventilation and air conditioning, smoke control and smoke exhaust equipment and electric fire damper shall be ensured to operate normally. If the linkage system operates normally during inspection, The signal will be fed back to the fire control room. If there is no information feedback, it indicates that the equipment is faulty, and measures should be taken to eliminate it in time

for halogenated alkanes, some of the printers in this series proposed by the author have inkjet and laser problems, carbon dioxide, foam, dry powder, etc. 3. The standard configuration problem determination fire extinguishing system can be checked through simulation test to form an invisible market search with wide coverage and convenient transaction. For the faults found in the inspection, the staff shall handle them in time to ensure that the whole system is in good condition

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