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In digital proofing, ICC profile 1 is usually added to the 2/3 position of the oil tank window to make documents. The advantage of the digital proofing system is that it uses color management technology, high-end color inkjet printing technology, professional digital proofing software of ICC Color Management and precision spectrophotometer to accurately calculate the color space, so as to realize color conversion in different color spaces, Achieve the consistency between digital proofing and printing proofing

one of the most important steps in implementing the color management process is to make equipment color characteristic files that conform to ICC standards. This paper introduces the method of making digital proofing feature file based on ICC Standard

I. establish ICC profile files that reflect the printability

it is particularly important to establish ICC profile files that reflect the printability, because standardized and standardized printing conditions are the basis of color management, and standard and standardized printing ICC profile files are the basic conditions of digital proofing. Therefore, to carry out color management of digital proofing, it is necessary to establish standardized printing status first, The ICC profile file generated on this basis can accurately reflect the color performance ability of equipment and printing materials, so that the digital proofing generated can be truly practical in actual production

the operation steps of Printing Standardization and normalization are as follows

1. Make a set of digital proofing test version (as shown in Figure 1). This test edition includes the measurement of printing quality indicators (truthfully density, K value, dot enlargement, etc.) and eci2002 color code

2. The output film of the imagesetter shall meet the quality standard of the output film. The film output requires that the error of each point is 1%, the maximum density is 4.0, and the output point curve is in a straight line

3. The printing reaches the best quality standard for printing. 3% to 98% of the points appear

4. Heidelberg [product space] CD102 printing is adopted, and the printing process conditions are strictly controlled. The printing process parameters are shown in Table 1

5. Use the software profile maker and eye one spectrophotometer to test the l*a*b* value of each color block of eci2002, and generate ICC profile file reflecting the printability. Because the color code eci2002 provided by printing is standard and standard, it lays a foundation for digital proofing to accurately simulate printing color

II. Establish ICC profile file reflecting printing suitability

the quality of digital proofing is closely related to printing software, printer, ink and paper. The ICC profile file of the printer must be best matched. Generally, select special digital proofing paper and matching ink

1. Experimental conditions

hardware composition

① one Epson style 10600 color inkjet printer

② one eye one spectrophotometer

software composition

① founder Changliu color management software and profile maker5.0, which generates ICC files

② Windows XP operating system software

printing materials

① paper: Epson digital proofing special paper, 60mm web paper

② ink: Epson's original six color ink

2. Experimental method

to establish an ICC profile that reflects the printability, the basic linearization of the printer must be established first, which determines the physical characteristics of the printer under the joint action of paper and ink, and optimizes the total ink jet volume and single channel ink volume of the printer, that is, to cover the products delivered since april2015 with as little ink volume as possible to obtain as much color density as possible, It provides the basis and optimization features for the creation of printer paper ICC profile file, thus establishing the basis of color management. Taking the square smooth flow as an example, the basic linearity of the printer can be directly generated by printing the four-color gray scale and testing it with a spectrophotometer. Secondly, the total ink volume of the printer is determined from the printed sample

after basic linearization, first print out the eci2002 color code, test the l*a*b* of its color block with a spectrophotometer, and then generate an ICC profile file of Printability through profile maker software

III. create an ICC profile file that reflects proofing

previously, we have obtained an ICC profile file that reflects the characteristics of the printing process and an ICC profile file that reflects the characteristics of the color printer. Put the two files into founder Changliu (as shown in Figure 2), and use the color management module (CMM) in Changliu to match the files, so that the digital proofing can simulate the color gamut of printing. However, it is impossible to perform accurate color conversion only by calling out the experimental curve again after the end of the experiment. It is necessary to modify the ICC file of the printer for many times according to the actual situation. You can modify the point increase rate, gray balance data, UCR and GCR parameters, total ink volume of the ink, etc. of the ICC file, or adjust the yellow, magenta, cyan and black curves respectively, Finally, the printed sheet is consistent with the printed matter calculated by 70 liters, and the ICC profile file that finally reflects the effect is established

IV. conclusion

it is known from practice that in order to make digital proofing consistent with printed matter, we have the following experiences:

1 When providing the color code eci2002 printing samples, the state of the printer should be as stable as possible during the whole printing process, so as to ensure that the printed matter can match the proofing effect

2. The printing materials should be stable. After changing the paper and ink materials, the ICC profile file reflecting the performance of the printing machine needs to be made again. The paper and ink used by the printer should also be stable. Once a condition changes, the ICC profile of the printer must be re created

3. A series of characteristic files with different black plate generation amount need to be made for the characteristic files of printing machine to adapt to different image types

4. The ICC profile file for digital proofing is not once and for all. In order to ensure the consistency of the simulation effect, a new ICC file with a slight adjustment of the black version curve is usually made every 3 ~ 6 months

note: This article has been supported by the scientific research fund of Henan University of technology with the project number of 06xgg006. The author zhangyingxia published the article "standardization of color management in digital proofing" in the second issue of this journal in 2009. This article has also been supported by the scientific research fund of Henan University of technology with the project number of 06xgg006

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