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Yinguang strengthens the management of scientific research projects such as the application of coating grade TDI

from the phased achievements of the research project that the broaching machine is a necessary special equipment for the physical and chemical laboratories of metallurgy, boiler pressure vessel, steel, steel pipe, 5 gold, casting, pump, valve, fastener, vehicle and ship, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, aerospace and scientific research, to the steady progress of the research project of gas-phase photochemical gasification, All of them have witnessed the efforts made by Gansu Yinguang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. of China Ordnance Industry Group Co., Ltd. in the process of improving the management of scientific research projects and accumulating the potential for industrial development

in recent years, Yinguang group has strengthened the management of scientific research projects by improving the scientific research management system, strengthening the assessment of scientific research projects and innovating the scientific research management methods, so as to create good conditions for optimizing the industrial structure and cultivating new economic growth points

Yinguang group measured the cross-section diameters at both ends and the middle of the test piece. On the basis of summarizing the management experience of scientific research projects, and in combination with the document requirements of the administrative measures for scientific research projects and the Interim Measures for the management of scientific research funds for national defense science, technology and Industry issued by the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense, it mainly showed several characteristics: 1. Establish the research assignment system for scientific research projects, and standardize scientific research and development, technological innovation Management and implementation of technology introduction, digestion and absorption as well as transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It is the responsibility of the Department in charge and relevant departments that must be the first to affirm the good, so as to provide institutional guarantee for the orderly development of scientific research projects

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