Making steady profits as an Yanxiang dealer in the

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In the crisis era, we made steady profits as Yanxiang dealers.

you see, Mr. Sun just saw the reminder of receipt, and collected another 310000! ha-ha! Come on! Come on! Mr. Sun, let me do it first! Good! OK Thank you and your company for taking this opportunity today! Acting for your products is really easy to sell. The brand is ringing! Very good! Let you make money, we can develop! There is a good advertisement saying, share song he and win the world! Come on, let's go

of course, the above dialogue will only take place at the dinner table. The president and chief financial officer of a company in Sichuan sheep are invited to dinner, and Lao sun, vice president of Yanxiang in charge of the national market, is sitting opposite. Lao sun happened to be on a business trip in Chengdu Branch. He could have finished the communication, but the sheep boss insisted that he drive a few hours from the sheep to Chengdu to meet Lao sun. Please have a meal and express his feelings. By the way, he would also see if there were any larger cooperation meetings and expand the agency area of Yanxiang industrial computer

cherish the hard won agency right

in 2011, in the domestic market, especially in the more remote inland areas, the industrial computer market was also monopolized by several foreign-funded enterprises, the price of industrial computers was quite high, and the product supply cycle was short, the transportation cost was high, and the maintenance and after-sale services could not be effectively guaranteed. More importantly, the industrial computers supplied in the market are all standard products, which cannot be customized, and small enterprises are often overlooked. These defects allow Yanxiang, which is strategically planning the national market, to see the market space and opportunities, so Yanxiang began to enter this market in the form of an agent, which was authorized to a Chengdu company at that time. What makes things easy to sell is nothing more than high cost performance, good products and affordable prices. The so-called "good quality and low price" made the Chengdu company develop rapidly at once and sold Yanxiang industrial computers very well. In the process of growing stronger and stronger, the weakness of the company has also been exposed. The Chengdu company only focuses on sales and focuses on the market, but neglects to solve the "entrepreneurial difficulties" and subsequent services, so that the after-sales service can not keep up. Yanxiang Shenzhen headquarters has received a large number of complaints. Finally, under the balance of interests and brand losses, there was almost no movement of parts during pressure maintaining. The leadership of Yanxiang broke their bones and decided to cancel the agency authorization

with the experience and lessons learned in the previous paragraph, Yanxiang has more stringent requirements in selecting agents. The brand has influence, and Yanxiang products are easy to sell. However, the companies acting as agents should be able to sell and have a sense of service. They should form a system with Yanxiang's own brand publicity, market activities, channel expansion, logistics and distribution, after-sales service, etc. only when there is a brand strategy can there be a market strategy, and the brand comes first. Later, through layer upon layer screening, the sheep company was finally selected as the agent in Chengdu. Although the company is small, it is beautiful because of its small size. It can ensure service and after-sales, and it has developed rapidly

there is a market profit space if there is a brand.

in the face of the proliferation of product agents at all levels, and even the phenomenon of speculation, agents who are already facing meager profits, how can we hold a vault and earn more profit space for price difference? The answer lies in the brand! Brand not only means good popularity and wide recognition, but also means that reasonable pricing adjustment can be made according to the market to avoid falling into a price war caused by serious homogenization. To a certain extent, having a brand means having a market profit space and a differentiated competitive advantage

the boss of the sheep company also took a fancy to this point, and resolutely acted as an agent for Yanxiang products at all costs. Because he deeply understands the influence and growth advantages of Yanxiang brand, EVOC trademark was recognized as the first Chinese well-known trademark in the domestic industrial control industry in 2010. As a well-known and internationally leading brand in the industry, EVOC has also continuously ranked first in the same industry in China and third in the world

never make money from agents, but help them make better money

agents make money, we can develop! We should share the brand with agents, and give them more flexible product strategies and prices with market advantages. This is what Mr. Sun, vice president of Yanxiang, often said to the investment promotion department. We should help agents grow better, not make money from agents. For example, instead of taking 50 cents from the only one yuan in the dealer's pocket, we let the one yuan in the dealer's pocket increase in value, help the dealer earn 100 yuan, and then take away the profits that should belong to us. Mutual benefit is the key! To this end, Yanxiang has set up a professional team to provide more comprehensive and powerful support for authorized agent partners in product design, technical support, standard product price guarantee system, training, industry development and marketing activities. It has customized agents at all levels, and targeted authorized global dealers, bronze global dealers, silver global dealers Introduction to the development of friction and wear testing machines of gold global dealers and five levels of strategic partners in the military industry in the Chinese market

agent recruitment tips:

Yanxiang has launched the 2013 Yanxiang national agent recruitment plan, and sincerely invites 70% of the drug industry agent partners to join in 96h. For investment invitation intention, please call Yanxiang e hubaiying directly at address:

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