Malfunction and troubleshooting of the hot packer

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Packer tape failure and troubleshooting

packer tape failure and Troubleshooting:

1. Failure: tape handling. When the tape is stuck in the middle of the roller or blocked by foreign matters and cannot be removed,

2. ★ Troubleshooting:

(1) remove the washer of the hex nut

(2) open two M5 countersunk head screws on the intermediate connecting shaft. Since these two screws are fixed on the notch of the connecting shaft, they are closer to the needs of China's textile fiber market, so they must be turned

(3) remove the connecting shaft, pick up the upper turbine and take out the stuck object

(4) assemble and restore according to the above c-b-a method

also make the sample slip during the test process (5) note that the clearance between the nut and the L-shaped curved plate is 0.3 so -0.5mm

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