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The management of small and medium-sized enterprises under the condition of information asymmetry Abstract: there is also information asymmetry in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is worth discussing how to overcome the negative impact of information asymmetry in their management activities and ensure that their foundation is evergreen

key words: analysis of the causes of information asymmetry and ways to improve


there is also information asymmetry in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is worth discussing how to overcome the negative impact of information asymmetry in their management activities and ensure that their foundation is evergreen. Next, the author will talk about this issue to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises to forge ahead

1 information asymmetry has certain impact on enterprise operation

information asymmetry refers to that one party has information while the other party does not, or one party has more information than the other party due to different positions or angles of information acquisition and use, resulting in one party being in an information advantage and the other in an information disadvantage; Or the two parties have the same amount of information, but have different understanding of the information due to different understanding. Because of asymmetric information, enterprises have insufficient understanding of human resources, resulting in talent and position mismatch; Internal dissipation; Employees' centripetal force and cohesion are not strong. Sometimes they do not contribute to the work, sometimes they are in a hurry, and even ignore the quality inspection, resulting in an increase in quality complaints and an increase in the cost of maintaining reputation. The constant changes of tax laws and policies make enterprises unprepared and unable to plan costs scientifically in advance. The asymmetry between enterprise strategic objectives and employee needs; The asymmetry between enterprises' pursuit of benefits and employees' pursuit of income and welfare increase; Enterprises attach great importance to product quality, service quality takes customer first as the goal, while employees ignore details, resulting in product quality defects. These have seriously affected the development of enterprises

2 cause analysis

after long-term observation and analysis, I think the reasons for information asymmetry mainly include the following aspects:

2.1 the enterprise has insufficient development strategy and innovation awareness, and lacks sensitivity to the market

2.2 insufficient learning of new laws and regulations and management skills makes it difficult for managers to improve their knowledge and quality

2.3 the training and education of employees are not in place, and it is difficult to improve the quality and skills of employees. It should be noted that a person who lacks heart and character cannot become a person who really makes a difference

2.4 the hierarchical structure of the enterprise is overstaffed and inflexible

2.5 corporate culture and other publicity were not enough to achieve effective communication

3 ways to improve the management of small and medium-sized enterprises under the condition of asymmetric information

3.1 strengthening learning, improving the management level and the learning ability of leaders' quality are the lasting competitiveness of enterprises. Competition among enterprises not only compares the product price, quality, service and delivery time, but also shows that you run faster than competitors and take the lead. To this end, employees at all levels of the enterprise need to continuously strengthen their learning and focus on different positions. The new situation requires that leaders should have a sense of mission, dedication, trust, enthusiasm, loyalty, honesty, enterprising, patience, fairness, enthusiasm, courage and other virtues, but also have the good habit of constantly improving their own quality. The new situation requires the decision-makers to find a way suitable for the development of enterprises in the changing market by using zetajet glass fiber nonwovens. They should also have a sense of crisis and treat the expansion of enterprises like treading on thin ice, rather than blindly seeking big and strong. It should be noted that while expanding, enterprises may also face increased operational and financial risks. In case of disconnection of the enterprise's capital supply chain, the enterprise will be difficult to sustain

3.2 establish a common vision and realize the self transcendence of the enterprise. The art of war says: "attack the heart for the best". (continued from the previous page of the letter) when the enterprise has developed to a certain scale, it needs to pay attention to the construction of corporate culture while carrying out capital expansion. Establish a core value system in line with the development of the enterprise, and publicize and implement it among all employees. It should be noted that the corporate culture is also one of the core competitiveness of the enterprise. From the common vision, corporate mission and corporate spirit to the service concept and service slogan, guide employees to constantly understand the long-term development goals of the enterprise, make employees work happily through communication and exchange, and encourage employees to constantly know themselves, affirm themselves and dare to surpass themselves. By retaining people in terms of treatment, career, emotion, environment and culture, the enterprise will become a reservoir for attracting high-quality and highly skilled talents, so that talents will be willing to contribute to the development of the enterprise. People will gradually pay attention to their own safety issues and contribute their talents. In the field management, keep up with the 5S theory in management. The "5S" theory in management refers to sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and literacy. After the employees learn the 5S theory and turn it into action, the working environment can be greatly changed, the corporate image can be further improved, customers are willing to place orders, and employees are willing to work in this environment. At the same time, it can save time, reduce waste and ensure safety. At the same time, it can bring stability in the quality and cost of adding talc powder filler, glass fiber and other reinforcement materials, anti light/thermal oxygen aging agent and other additives. Employees can improve the environment by hands, which can create a sense of achievement and improve their on-site working atmosphere. In the internal management, the company continuously improves its executive power. It is the core of the enterprise competitiveness and the key to transform the enterprise strategy and the planning of manufacturing bio rubber materials based on the renewable economic crop yinjiaoju into benefits and achievements. Good strategies and plans are not well implemented, or deviations occur due to misunderstanding or inadequate implementation, which will affect the effect of enterprise execution. Only by continuously improving the management execution and fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of all employees can we ensure the long-term development of the enterprise

3.3 strengthen publicity and education, pay attention to training and communication. Through publicity, education and training, the quality and skills of employees can be improved, and communication may become easier. At the same time, due to the loss of information in the transmission process, we must fully communicate to achieve the required purpose. Therefore, we need to publicize the enterprise's development strategy, quality objectives, quality policies, rules and regulations, corporate culture construction objectives, others' advanced management ideas, etc. to all employees through meetings, briefings, blackboard newspapers and other forms, so that employees can know them and effectively implement them in their work. Employees should be encouraged to devote themselves to their jobs, be willing to contribute, strive to be excellent employees, and become valuable human resources for the development of the enterprise, as well as talents and human resources for the development of the enterprise; For employees with low moral character and quality, although they are talents, they can not be reused; Those with low professional skills, lack of ambition and lack of self-improvement should be cleaned up in time. In fact, it is not difficult for employees to become excellent employees, as long as we do a little more. If willing to undertake more; Love work; For the sake of the group; Maintain the company's reputation, etc. Through their own "integrity as an example" and timely and effective training and communication, let employees know how to cherish work and life, and work with a good attitude

3.4 people oriented and caring for employees are the forever precious resources and wealth of the enterprise. The president of American oshington industries once put forward a "golden rule": care for your customers, care for your employees, and the market will care more for you. The former is the external customer of the enterprise, and the latter is the internal customer of the enterprise. Only by giving consideration to both internal and external, regardless of one or the other, can the enterprise achieve ultimate success; In general electric company, the "open door" policy is implemented from the company's decision-making level to all levels of management. Employees are welcome to enter their offices at any time to reflect the situation, and letters and visits from employees are properly handled. The company holds lively "free discussion" at least once a year. GM strives to make itself more like a harmonious and progressive family, with harmonious and cordial relations among people. The practice of many successful enterprises has proved that only by persisting in people-oriented, more humanized practices in enterprise management, more understanding and care; Leaders can go deep into the scene to have heart to heart talks with employees, help employees solve practical difficulties, be open-minded, adopt good suggestions, and let employees be respected. Employees' enthusiasm can easily be greatly mobilized, and employees will actively participate in enterprise operation and service with a sincere "love" for the enterprise and users in different positions, In order to win a good social reputation for the enterprise, it will also lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise. On the contrary, no matter how grand the enterprise management plan is, it cannot be implemented

3.5 flattening management accelerates efficiency. Flattening can speed up information transmission and make decisions faster and more efficient. Compared with the traditional organizational structure, the ideal flat organization is flexible and democratic, can reduce bureaucracy, strengthen internal communication, is easy to mobilize the creativity of employees, and can respond more quickly to environmental changes, including consumer needs

3.6 informatization management builds a new communication platform. Traditional employee appeal channels need to be reflected up level by level and then transmitted down. It takes a long time; The delivery date of the customer's products requires consultation to produce results, which is time-consuming and laborious. While paying attention to information construction, the enterprise has developed a production process management system. All customer order information is entered into the computer and reflected in the dynamic process, which facilitates customers' remote login and query. At the same time, BBS bulletin board was established to facilitate information exchange and communication between employees and managers, and good results were achieved. In addition, the suggestion box and SMS platform also facilitate the communication and exchange of employees

in short, in enterprise management, we should pay full attention to and strive to reduce the negative impact of information asymmetry, and take a variety of measures to improve the management effect of small and medium-sized enterprises

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