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2020 polyester resin industry hot events

2020 polyester resin industry hot events - raw material expansion chapter

December 23, 2020

Introduction: in the past two months, the chemical market has changed the decline in the first half of the year, realizing a reversal against the wind. Under the golden nine silver ten, the trend of domestic chemical industry index soared in November, in which the polyester resin industry, driven by the centralized rebound of raw materials, domestic and foreign demand resonated, and the market activity continued to improve, During this period, some raw materials, such as isobutyraldehyde, neopentyl glycol, isophthalic acid, trimethylolpropane and other products, rose all the way in the short term, and even set a new historical high. In particular, the centralized expansion of production capacity left a heavy mark in the legendary 2020. Time flies, and the last month of 2020 is more than half. Here, Longzhong information will summarize the hot events in the polyester resin industry in the past year and review the market changes brought about by the expansion of raw materials

1. Production expansion of neopentyl glycol - maintain a high growth rate of 18%

neopentyl glycol, as one of the main raw materials of polyester resin, has developed rapidly in the past five years. From the rapid iteration of production process to the rapid expansion of hydrogenation capacity, it continues to attract high attention from people in the industry to coatings. However, the rapid expansion of production capacity has led to an obvious surplus in the supply-demand relationship of neopentyl glycol in the past two years, which is directly reflected in the continuous downward exploration of the price of neopentyl glycol. The fear of overcapacity continued until 2020: as Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd. wanted to expand its production capacity by 40000 tons, the total capacity was increased to 80000 tons; Xinkeaode Technology Co., Ltd. has put into operation a 40000 ton disproportionation process unit, and the new capacity has been successfully put into operation in the second and third quarters. By the end of 2020, the total capacity of domestic neopentyl glycol aliphatic polyester soft segment has reached 500000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 18%. The expansion of neopentyl glycol production capacity is also a topic that the industry is interested in. In 2020, in addition to two sets of new production capacity, there are rumors that other production and expansion will be carried out in the market. According to the news of future new production capacity collated by Longzhong information, it is found that the growth points of future production capacity are mainly concentrated in this way, which not only ensures the experimental accuracy, but also in the existing hydrogenation production enterprises, such as the 60000 ton expansion of Wanhua chemical phase III in 2021 Jiangsu Huachang phase II project; The long-term plan includes BASF Zhanjiang plant's future 80000 ton neopentyl glycol project. Therefore, the domestic production capacity of neopentyl glycol will continue to grow at a high speed in the future

2. PTA production expansion - ten million tons of new planned capacity ignited 2020

China's PTA production capacity was in a flat growth pattern. In, the relationship between PTA supply and demand improved, the overall situation showed a tight balance, and the processing fee was at a high level. Therefore, some enterprises put new devices into production, and some enterprises went bankrupt and reorganized in the early stage. Therefore, in, PTA production capacity growth averaged 4% in, the news said. In 2020, Hengli Petrochemical line and Xinjiang Zhongtai 1.2 million ton units were successfully put into operation. Xinfengming line 2 is planned to be put into operation near the middle of October. According to Longzhong information statistics, it is expected that PTA will increase its capacity by 8.4 million tons in 2020, with a total capacity of 57.09 million tons, up 9% year-on-year from 52.49 million tons in the same period in 2019

3. Expansion of production of trimethylolpropane - new and old factories appear in the table

2020 domestic trimethylolpropane production capacity table trimethylolpropane is a product with a small amount of resin raw materials. Although trimethylolpropane is not as concerned as its main monomer industry in the resin industry, due to the large expansion of production capacity of trimethylolpropane in 2020 after many years, people in the industry have begun to pay more attention to the trimethylolpropane market since 1035. For a small number of chemical raw materials with an annual supply of no more than 100000 tons, the global production capacity growth rate in the past has been relatively slow, so this year, after the announcement of the production of the 20000 ton new plant in Hubei Yihua and the 20000 ton new plant in Anhui puliyou, the sharp increase in the aftermarket supply of trihydroxy will not only affect the domestic market supply pattern, but also further drive the continued opening of the export situation of trihydroxy after the launch of the new production capacity. The production date of Hubei Yihua and Anhui puliyou new devices is close to the end of the year, but the impact of the recent soaring price caused by the unexpected shutdown and maintenance of Baichuan in the hydroxyl market is limited. Among them, Hubei Yihua new device was first put into production, and a small amount of products have been exported in December. Anhui puliyou device is still in the commissioning stage, and it is expected to be put into production after new year's day. By the end of 2020, the total domestic production capacity of Trihydroxybenzene was 135000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 17%

4. Isophthalic acid - Yisheng Petrochemical's 300000 ton unit was successfully put into operation. The domestic isophthalic acid Market

before 2020, there was only Yanshan Petrochemical's domestic production enterprise, and the production capacity has been maintained at 50000 tons. Therefore, after Yisheng announced that its 300000 ton isophthalic device was put into operation, it not only broke the long-term domestic dependence on imported goods, but also improved the quality of products with the continuous stability of its production, It is also gradually changing the supply pattern and appearance of the domestic benzene market. About the time when Yisheng was put into production, Longzhong information has been reported in detail in the previous article, and will not be repeated here. On the whole, polyester resin raw material products in 2020 can be said to have ushered in a large wave of production expansion, in which even a small number of products such as isophthalic acid and trimethylolpropane have also rarely expanded significantly. PTA, as a large futures product, needless to say, the production expansion plan of tens of millions of tons is still continuing. As a star product in the past, neopentyl glycol still maintained a high-speed growth in the special market environment this year, and the strong rebound in the price at the end of the year also weakened the market operators' overly pessimistic mood about future production capacity

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