Hottest power printing plans to acquire 79 shares

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Weili printing plans to acquire 79% equity of Liaoning gas project

Guowei printing (06828), the industrial model of adjustment in China, announced that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the wholly-owned subsidiary and newtopic, an innovative performance incentive mechanism, about the possible acquisition of all issued shares of the target company, which holds about 79% indirect equity of Benxi Liaoyou new era gas

Benxi Liaoyou new era gas has natural gas pipelines and related facilities in the commercial and industrial areas of Dongfeng Lake iron and steel deep processing Industrial Park in Xihu District, Benxi City, Liaoning Province, including a natural gas station with an annual capacity of 150million cubic meters, a liquefied natural gas main station or compressed natural gas main station, and five liquefied natural gas or compressed sub stations

according to the memorandum of understanding, the consideration for the above acquisition is to be determined after negotiation, and can be paid in cash, by issuing new shares or convertible stock certificates or bond combinations

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