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Platinum packaging consumer goods industry solutions

the three strategic requirements of the packaging consumer goods industry are: profit management, brand equity protection and meeting customer demand changes. As the provider of batchmasterpfw, the most widely used PC manufacturing solution in the world, estsoftware company knows that the paint and coating industry needs not only ERP suppliers that can provide a series of software functions, but also partners that can help them stay at the forefront of industry consolidation. With a total sales volume of US $6billion and 270000 customers worldwide, best can not only provide you with world-class products, but also provide you with world-class technical support, training, financial stability and technical experts, so that your business continues to grow. Solution

batchmasterpfw, the processing, production and manufacturing solution provided by best company for the intermediate market, can meet the key strategic objectives of CpG company, so as to win competitive advantage. For more than 20 years, batchmasterpfw has continuously helped customers become successful and has been recognized as the financial standard of the industry. The functions listed below are the strategic research results of batchmasterpfw. Researchers show the advantages of laboratory wide research results: profit control - many advanced functions of batchmasterpfw can effectively select odor grade ≤ 2.5 (vda270 test standard) and efficient profit management according to the properties of goods that their companies need to experiment, so as to help manufacturers bear the dual pressure of price management and cost management

enterprise planning and budget

smooth order input and support complex price policies

optimized production process

powerful inventory optimization through material demand planning

advanced formula management and quality tracking

flexible batch control Batch size

support mixed mode production

support multi-level combination and packaging

integrated procurement and supplier management

advanced cost estimation and collection functions

formulation development according to objectives

protect brand equity - in today's market, people have more and more brands to choose, so people's loyalty to a brand is getting lower and lower. For food producers, It is very important to maintain the reputation of product quality. Batchmasterpfw provides powerful tools to ensure the high quality of food, The details are as follows:

powerful computer formula laboratory

comparative physical attribute analysis

supplier comprehensive quality analysis

multi batch tracking method

shelf life and expiration date control

complete quality control data historical maintenance

rapid response to customer needs -batchmasterpfw not only makes your system operation faster and more accurate, It also allows you to flexibly meet customer needs:

order entry function on the same screen, So that you can access the following information through the same screen:

customer history

contract data

user defined price list

production data

inventory data

substitute data at present, China's wood plastic composites industry development has been strongly supported by national policies

login batch order options from the order input screen

advanced material planning function

material shortage analysis wizard

seven different automatic orders Method of batch size

formula and batch automatic UOM

backflush material requisition

post purchase order processing to speed up procurement

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