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PP daily review: the oil price boost was ignored, and the market continued to explore

upstream raw materials:

crude oil: the closing price of the New York Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday was $59.65, up $0.62; No. 1 in London intercontinental trading. The closing price of the stock exchange was $58.92, up $0.45

propylene: the closing price of propylene in the Far East was stable on Tuesday, with a closing price of $790/ton

manufacturer information:

the ex factory prices of Sinopec East China and North China branches have been reduced and listed for sale. In terms of devices, Yanshan Petrochemical Yiju has resumed operation, and Shanghai Petrochemical Sanju has switched to T300

market Description:

pp market continues to decline today. Market resources are general. The market is boosted by the crude oil price of $60, which is basically ignored. Transactions are still poor, and market purchases are reduced. In the downward channel, factory purchase intention turns to wait-and-see, the market atmosphere is cold, transactions are mostly low-end prices, and there are basically no transactions at high levels. The price of imported resources continues to explore, which still has an impact on the market

according to the specific market trend, the price in North China continues to decline today, and the transaction is not good. The mainstream price of wire drawing in the market is yuan/ton, and the low-cost quotation is yuan/ton; The price in East China continues to fall today, but the United States has decided to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum products of these three economies from June 1. The atmosphere is cold, and the drawing price is basically yuan/ton, the fiber material quotation is yuan/ton, and the copolymerization quotation is yuan/ton; The atmosphere in South China today is not good, and the market technology is also very clear. The quotation continues to decline. The mainstream price of wire drawing T30S in the market is yuan/ton, the price of injection plastic (9460, -125.00, -1.30%) is yuan/ton, and the copolymerization price is 10500 yuan/ton

today's viewpoint:

pp market is still in the same state today, market demand cannot be in large quantities, the support impact of crude oil price is ignored, the price is in the downward channel, merchants are bearish, and it is difficult to stabilize the price. It is expected that the market price will continue to be adjusted with a high frequency of decline, and the wire drawing price is in yuan/ton

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