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Taichung oil company adjusted the third, industry university research innovation system to further promote the production of propylene and ethylene of the fourth light industry.

seeing that the spot market of propylene in Asia continues to rise, Taichung oil company is deliberately changing the operation process of the third and fourth light industry to increase the production of propylene, which can be increased by about 20 or 30 tons a day, hoping to increase profits

pay attention to the difference between joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage. After the explosion of ethylene device in haijinshan petrochemical plant, under the imbalance of market supply and demand, the spot market of ethylene and propylene in Asia continued to rise; The spot price of ethylene has changed from 4101 per ton in the previous week, and the plastic processing industry has entered the period of growth and achieved a stable and healthy development of US $to US $420, up US $30, while the upward momentum of propylene is stronger, up US $45 from US $per ton in the previous week, reaching the level of US $550 to US $560/ton

Taichung oil eye sees a large gap in the market of propylene and ethylene. In order to increase profits, it is changing its course and adjusting the process of its cracking unit; Taichung petroleum and petrochemical division pointed out that the practice is to moderately reduce the temperature of the third and fourth light cracking furnace tubes, so as to change the cracking effect of naphtha, resulting in a decrease in ethylene production and an increase in propylene production

in the current operation mode, the two cracking units can produce 20 or 30 tons of propylene a day. Although the ethylene production is relatively reduced by the same amount, the price difference between ethylene and propylene is about $100 per ton. In other words, the company earns $100 per ton more for the same production

in addition to the third and fourth light industries, Taichung petroleum and petrochemical division has also notified the fifth light industry plant managed by the refining division, hoping to change the manufacturing process in a timely manner; Taichung oil also said that although ethylene production decreased slightly, due to the support of imported goods from Huayun storage downstream, the production line operation of each plant would not be affected under the close cooperation and scheduling of both parties

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