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Polyonics introduced polyurethane film material for high temperature resistant labels

polyonics introduced xf-603 flame retardant material, which is developed for applications in aviation, aerospace and military. The company said that this material can replace Tedlar material, which is currently widely used in the aerospace field

xf-603 materials are specially developed for harsh environments, including those where materials are required not to burn. Polyonics combines the special coating and halogen-free flame retardant technology, so that the polyurethane film can be kept intact in the ultra-high temperature environment, so as to adopt anti-interference design to produce high temperature resistant labels when collecting signals

xf-603 adopts a smooth white surface coating with high opacity, which can be printed by flexo printing and heat transfer printing. By using appropriate ink or heat transfer belt in the whole process in December, bar codes, images and text messages can be printed on this material, which can resist the great damage to various vehicles caused by high temperature, strong chemical erosion and solvents. Polyonics provides a list of products on its website that have been certified and can be used for xf-603 printing

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