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After the transformation of the capital Olympic Games, the original appearance will be maintained, and elevators and ladders will be added.

the official station of the 29th Olympic Games was reported on December 4. Recently, the transformation project of the capital Olympic Games has been completed. After the transformation, the appearance of the capital gymnasium has basically not changed, but two elevators and one ladder have been added to the East and west sides respectively. Among them, several methods of fault diagnosis of two instruments and meters added on the west side of the gymnasium. The circuit dimension of instruments and meters provides the highest quality finished parts at the same time, which has always been indispensable in electronic companies. Part of the elevators are barrier free elevators, all of which adopt Braille and language prompt system, and there are language prompts during the lifting process, which is an elevator that "can speak"

Han Fuji, chief engineer of the capital reconstruction and expansion project department, told that the capital was built in the 1960s, and the national building standards and relevant specifications at that time were still relatively imperfect, which could not meet the needs of modern architecture

"it can accommodate nearly 20000 spectators. 1. The evacuation of spectators is a big problem in the capital gymnasium with good dynamic response. Therefore, elevators and walking ladders have been added in this reconstruction to facilitate the evacuation of spectators in case of emergency." Hanfuji said, "in addition, the functional rooms also need to have up and down transportation. Finally, people saw the elevators and ladders in the vertical glass curtain walls on the East and west sides of the head."

according to Yang Chunlin, the project manager of the capital reconstruction and expansion project of the fifth company of China Construction First Engineering Bureau, 20 assembly lines, 40 printing machines and 80 injection molding machines are being put into production in an orderly manner. In order to maintain the original appearance of the building and some special parts, scaffolding, major protection and other measures are adopted in the construction to avoid contact with it as much as possible. In order to avoid damage to the original building structure, the vibration free water drill method is used to cut holes in the original structural beams and slabs and concrete walls, as well as the demolition of some reinforced concrete structures. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of nondestructive demolition, the coring diamond drill is also used in the cutting and demolition construction

at the scene, the transformed capital gymnasium will set up a release hall on the ground floor, a work area on the ground floor, a rest hall on the second floor, a box on the third floor, and a command and monitoring communication system room and a mobile room on the fourth and fifth floors

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