Main uses of the hottest interface converter

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Main uses of interface converter

first, interface converter literally means to realize the conversion between two different interfaces. What are its specific uses

I. bridge relay. Because the signal is transmitted on the road, the signal will decay after a long distance. Therefore, a network protocol converter is needed to amplify and relay the signal. Make it transmitted further to the target machine

II. Conversion protocol. Take the simplest example: in the serial network, the most commonly used protocols are RS232, RS485, can, USB, etc. If your PC has only one serial port of DB9, which is convenient for punch and sample replacement and loading and unloading, and the other machine that needs communication is used for heavy load with USB interface. What shall I do? The solution is very simple. Use a usb-rs232 protocol converter. Exchange the time sequence and level of two different protocols. Gateway is also called inter connector and protocol converter. It is the most complex network interconnection device to realize network interconnection on the transport layer. It is only used for network interconnection with different high-level protocols. The structure of the switch is also similar to that of the router, except for the interconnection layer. Off can be used for both wide area interconnection and local area interconnection

at present, the conversion of communication protocol and communication interface should be in the form of protocol converter. The so-called protocol converter is to connect a device called protocol converter between the intelligent device and the local station monitoring host. One end is connected with the serial port of the intelligent device, and the other end is connected with the serial port of the local station monitoring host, so as to complete the conversion of communication protocol and communication interface. In short, the protocol converter is a microcomputer system [Zhongsu Xun] with CPU, EPROM, ram, serial communication ports, etc. the protocol conversion generally has two conditions: first, there are at least two serial ports and they match the converted serial ports of the intelligent device and the local station monitoring sovereignty, and second, the communication protocol of the intelligent device is converted into the local station monitoring host protocol, The conversion software is solidified in the EPROM of protocol conversion. This method is more effective when multiple intelligent devices with different protocols are connected to a monitoring host at the same time

in the industrial control industry, interface converters have been seen everywhere. At present, many of these products in China's industrial control industry are used abroad, and in recent years, many enterprises in China have independently developed and produced our own brand interface converters (Yutai technology, etc.), so many people still don't understand the specific purpose of this interface converter. I hope these words can be useful to you

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