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Maintenance and management of laser printer

1. Clean the typewriter in time

after the toner in the toner box is used up, the printer's powder shortage indicator light is on, and the toner box should be re powdered. After adding powder, the surrounding of the powder box should be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush. At the same time, unplug the power cord of the printer, turn on the front part of the laser printer, and use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the residual toner in the machine. Paper scraps (do not blow with your mouth, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine), wipe them with a soft cloth, and then put them into the toner box. This long-term persistence can prolong the service life of the printer, keep it in good working condition, and reduce the cost of frequent replacement of common parts. The outside of the laser printer can be wiped with a clean wet cloth or special detergent, and then wiped dry with a soft dry cloth. The printer does not need to be filled with any lubricant. After using the printer for a long time, you can disassemble the printer to remove dust and dirt

2. Troubleshooting of paper jam

paper jam is a common fault of printer. Incorrect troubleshooting may cause greater damage to the machine. In case of paper jam, turn off the power first, and then open the front door to find out the paper jam position. If the paper is stuck in front of the fusing component, it can be directly extracted from the tunnel highway in northern Hokkaido, Japan, using the waste tire fragments of passenger cars instead of gravel to the inside of the printer (when taking out the paper, please note that its toner particles have not been heated. Under pressure, it will splash toner, please pay attention). If the paper is stuck near the fusing assembly, please pull it out gently towards the inner side, and do not pull it out forcefully, so as to avoid toner fouling the interior of the front part. If the paper is completely in the fusing assembly, pull it out. If the paper is already at the paper outlet, the paper can be easily pulled out. If the paper is jammed in the fuser and squeezed into a ball, and cannot be pulled out from the paper outlet, the tray can be opened. There is a row of paper symbols in the center, which can be opened to take out the jammed paper

3. Maintenance of corrugated paper when the paper is out

Canon LBP kt/BX/BX Ⅱ printer often has the phenomenon of corrugated paper when the paper is out. In serious cases, the paper may get stuck just after it comes out. This failure is mainly due to the aging of the rubber ring on the paper outlet roller, which will soon reach the stage when the amount of waste plastic is greater than the production of plastic products when in contact with the paper, causing the paper outlet speed to be less than that of the fuser, and the paper to pile up at the paper outlet and wrinkle. When the rubber ring is seriously aged, the paper cannot even be discharged, resulting in paper jam. Therefore, this kind of fault can be eliminated by replacing a new paper output roller. If there is no new paper output roller to replace temporarily, the surface of the rubber ring can be fluffed with a fluff knife, and it can be used normally for a period of time

4. When using the carton paper feeding method, the maintenance of often not feeding paper

this fault is mainly due to the fact that the carton paper take-up wheel is too dirty or there are almost no moving parts and components when maintaining pressure, and the paper slips when taking up paper, resulting in not feeding paper. If the paper take up wheel is too dirty, just clean it and it can be used normally. If the paper take up wheel is seriously worn, it must be replaced. If A4 paper is often or only used, the paper take-up wheel is only worn out on the inner rubber ring, and the outer rubber ring is not worn out. If we don't have a new paper take-up wheel for replacement, we can clean the paper take-up wheel and exchange the inner and outer rubber rings for normal use for a period of time

5. The depth of the paper sample is shallow, and one side of the paper sample is deep and the other side is shallow.

after using the laser printer for a period of time, the depth of the output paper sample becomes shallower and shallower, and the left and right depths of the paper sample are different, showing a gradual change from deep to shallow or from shallow to deep. After replacing the new toner cartridge, it was found that the situation had not substantially improved. At this time, it can be preliminarily concluded that it is caused by dust pollution after the laser works for a long time. At this time, unplug the printer power cord, open the top cover, remove the interface board and motherboard, and expose the laser assembly. Remove the laser assembly, open the sealed plastic cover of the laser, and gently wipe each optical lens, prism, reflector, etc. with special lens paper or anhydrous alcohol cotton ball. The foaming molding method of general rubber plastic can be roughly divided into: wipe (pay attention not to touch the fixed position of each optical lens with force), and reinstall the machine after the alcohol volatilizes naturally

information source: IT168

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