Tips on eliminating static electricity in the hott

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Tips on eliminating static electricity in life

the company of electrostatic elimination equipment will introduce some tips on how to eliminate static electricity and prevent static electricity in our daily life

1. Use a wooden comb to moisturize your hair. Comb your hair with a wooden comb and shampoo with hair lotion, which can eliminate static electricity

2. Maintain indoor temperature. In this way, static electricity is not easy to generate. It is best to use humidifier indoors in winter, and flowers and plants can also be placed to avoid static electricity

3. Anti static materials shall be used for floors, walls, ceilings, etc

4. Eat more vegetables, fruits, acids, remove the load and make the piston of the experimental machine fall back to the original position. Milk, drink more water, and supplement calcium and vitamin C at the same time to reduce the impact of static electricity

5. Try not to put or put less household appliances in the bedroom. This can prevent the human body and electrical appliances from generating an electric field at a close distance and touching static electricity. It is best to watch TV 2 ~ 3 meters away from the TV

6. Use a third party to eliminate static electricity. In order to avoid static electricity, small metal devices (such as keys) and cotton rags can be used to touch the doors, door handles, faucets, chair backs, bed rails, etc. that can cause static electricity first, and then touch them with hands

7. Use pure natural fabric. Underwear, bed sheets, quilt covers, etc. try to use natural textiles such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. try not to use or make accurate research and judgment to wear home textile products and clothing with chemical fiber texture

the above little knowledge about electrostatic elimination and anti-static introduced to you, I hope it can play some role in anti-static in our daily life

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