Main uses of the hottest air gun and precautions f

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Main uses of hot-air guns and precautions for their use

Abstract: now almost everyone is intelligent. It is based on this background that the maintenance market is very popular, in which the hot air gun plays a huge role, because the maintenance of the hot air gun is the most important way

main purpose of the hot air gun

the hot air gun is still relatively simple to use. However, in order to simplify the operation, we need to keep the gap between the internal edge of the nozzle of the hot air gun and the BGA device not too small, which is not conducive to the use of the hot air gun. Generally speaking, it needs a distance of at least one millimeter. In addition, the thinnest after stripping is less than 0.5mm. Now many hot air fans can set different temperatures, and the temperature required for welding has been completed. However, the diameter of the nozzle can be adjusted according to the actual situation, so it will not cause thermal damage to the components near the BGA device

during welding, temperature control is very important, and the hot air blower has three temperature ranges, which can enable you to better control the temperature. The first is the preheating area, which can prevent serious deformation of one side of the printed board due to rapid heating. However, for the printed board with a relatively large area, it is more important to control the preheating temperature of the hot air gun, which needs to be used within two and five minutes and fourteen hours. There is also the medium temperature zone. The control time of this temperature is generally about one minute, which can make the temperature of the printed board slightly higher than the preheating temperature, so as to facilitate the next operation. Then there is the high temperature area, in which the temperature of the nozzle reaches the highest value. At this time, the temperature is generally higher than the melting point temperature of the solder, but in order to ensure safety, it is recommended not to exceed two Baidu

for the correct use of different temperature ranges, we need to strictly follow the instructions. 3 Force resolution: 1/300000. When used, the difference in heating temperature and time may directly cause great damage to the experimental space of the component experimental machine. Finally, before removing the components, we need to see the direction of the ICD. Remember not to change the order when reinstalling the components. Also, observe whether there are some components that are afraid of heat on the edge of the IC, such as plastic or colloid

with the continuous popularization of the Internet in our country, the market for intelligence is very broad. Now almost everyone has intelligence. It is based on this background that the maintenance market is very popular, in which the hot air blower plays a huge role, because the maintenance of the hot air blower is the most important way, it can disassemble many components of the hot air blower for repair

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