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Taiwan paper makers have made profits from mainland investment

according to Taiwan newspapers, because they are optimistic about the paper industry market in the mainland of the motherland, Rongcheng, yongfengyu, Zhengzheng and other Taiwan paper makers have come to the mainland to invest and set up factories, and have made profits at present

Rongcheng Paper Co., Ltd. made a profit of 2.07 million yuan last year after Wuxi Longda Rongcheng Paper Co., Ltd., which produces Kraft linerboard, added a new paper reader, while the performance of composite materials in use is expected to be reduced. It is estimated that this year's production will make a profit of 15 million yuan. The company plans to expand its factory this year. At present, the shareholders' meeting of the company has approved that the upper limit of the proportion of static free investment in the mainland can be increased from the original 20% to 40%. It is reported that yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd. has invested in the construction of two paper container plants in Guangdong Province, and will start production this year, mainly supplying the market needs in South China and East China, with a total investment of more than 55 million US dollars. The company plans to build 10 new paper container factories by 2003

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