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Canoni wardrobe is customized for you in this way. It has a high appearance and good storage, which makes you feel good all day

when we wake up every morning, especially when the season changes, we all think, what are we wearing today? Often we can't think of anything, so we all open the wardrobe and start choosing elegant, personalized or casual clothes to start a new day

summer is also coming. Looking at the clothes crawling with stools in the bedroom, it is obviously the temperature in summer, but it is autumn and winter clothes. Will you feel a little sad? It's time to reorganize your wardrobe and welcome the "season change storage battle"

Kanoni's customized wardrobe customization scheme for the whole room may meet your strong storage needs and make your morning no longer busy


customize the wardrobe and create a practical space

I believe everyone has such a worry: there are more and more clothes, but the available space in the wardrobe is less and less. How to store them? In fact, the wardrobe that can meet personal needs is the right one

the advantage of customized wardrobe is that you can "tailor your clothes" according to the space size of the bedroom and find the most practical storage scheme, so that you can not only make full use of the space, but also show your personality and express your aesthetic appreciation through the wardrobe


customized styles and colors can be selected at will

from the perspective of building a healthy home, canoni's whole house customization carefully selects the material of furniture, which has always been an important consideration standard for consumers when decorating

canoni's customized wardrobe customization scheme for the whole house provides choices of different colors and materials from the cabinet body to the cabinet door, allowing consumers to customize their personal wardrobe at will


open design is the ideal choice for storing

before customizing your wardrobe, first classify your clothes and accessories according to type and season, and then decide which category is suitable for which storage scheme. Compared with the traditional closed wardrobe, the open wardrobe is more and more popular. It improves the storage capacity of the wardrobe by combining pendants, drawers and partitions

how to have a glance and easy access is your primary consideration, and the open storage solution is the ideal choice. Through the simple design of the open wardrobe, you can easily see the orderly placement of clothing accessories, looking for inspiration anytime and anywhere

our bedroom should be different from other parts of the house. Because the bedroom should be a space for people to relax, as long as they enter, they will suddenly feel calm and tranquil

Kanoni's customized wardrobe customization scheme for the whole house, with natural and soft overall colors and practical storage design, interprets the minimalist style and excellent quality, and finds a suitable home for your daily dress




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