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After the decoration and check-in, the functional bathroom is the most prone to problems. The troubles of life such as water leakage, slipping, electric leakage, insufficient sockets and so on make you regret

after the decoration and check-in, the functional bathroom is the most prone to problems. The troubles of life such as water leakage, slipping, leakage, insufficient sockets and so on make you regret it. Therefore, when decorating the bathroom, these places that are easy to leave hidden dangers can't save too much money. The reporter summed up seven places that can't save money according to the complaints of the owners. You may want to know clearly before preparing the budget, To avoid unnecessary trouble in the future

water pipes

there are many hidden dangers in concealed works, so the pipelines should be bought well

the bathroom is the place where multiple water and electricity converge. If there are problems in design and material selection after installation, resulting in water leakage and leakage, the cost of rework is not a small amount. Moreover, water pipes and wires are concealed works, which are particularly troublesome to repair, and it will make you crazy. Therefore, in the early stage, we should choose high-quality water pipes, wires, and wire pipes, and the wiring should be set by precedent


considering the future use, the socket should be kept more

it may not be used now, but with the rapid development of science and technology, I don't know when a practical and convenient thing will appear. If the socket is not kept in advance, it will not be useless. Many families have installed sanitary ware such as intelligent toilet, integral bathroom, Jacuzzi, multi-function bathroom cabinet, or audio-visual equipment such as TV and stereo. Maybe the budget is limited when decorating, you can also reserve the socket first to avoid the trouble of rewiring in the future


it's annoying to leak upstairs and downstairs, and waterproof materials can't be saved

if you don't say that your bathroom leaks, it will also affect your neighbors downstairs. Trouble also comes from this. The waterproof materials in the bathroom are not only better, but also painted as required. Generally, the waterproof of the ground should be painted twice and tested by the imperial court in closed water for 4 hours, while the waterproof of the wall should also be 180 cm high. The waterproofing of corners and water pipes should be done more carefully, which is the most prone to problems

non slip tiles

there are old people and children at home, so don't buy Tiles twice.

ordinary tiles are easy to slip. If there are old people and children at home, please pay attention to the non slip property! Now there are many kinds of ceramic tiles, including good-looking ones and cheap ones, but the first consideration is safety. Especially families with old people and children should pay more attention to this problem. Therefore, we must pay attention to its skid resistance when giving the bathroom the first floor material. Although the price is more expensive, it is the safety and health of the family


bathing in winter is easy to catch a cold, and heating is very important

bathing in winter is the most afraid of cold, and the bathroom is too wet, so you can install Yuba when you can decorate it! Without heating equipment, bathing in winter is simply suffering, and people with physical weakness will catch a cold. Rather than shivering at that time, we'd better install the heating equipment first. Anyway, there are many products to choose from, such as floor heating, radiator, Yuba, etc. we can do what we can


poor sanitary ware has many problems, so it's better to buy a good one to save trouble.

the toilet can't pump water, the bathtub motor is loud, and the washbasin is dirty every day... These sanitary products with high practical frequency have poor quality, and they have problems every day and every day, so it's even more troublesome to repair them. There are also those faucets, hoses, sewers and other hardware. Any one who doesn't do it will bring big trouble, so the quality of products must be better when choosing products

glass basin

glass products have hidden dangers, and only those with a high safety factor are reliable

in order to create a transparent effect in the current bathroom, many owners use glass products. Shower rooms and glass basins, but there are often incidents of low-quality glass self explosion wounding people, which is not alarmist. The quality of glass is very important. Good tempered glass is generally difficult to break and will not hurt people when broken. Therefore, in order to use it safely, we should not be greedy for temporary cheapness, and try to choose high-quality brands with good reputation




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