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China Building Materials Network walked into the digital paint to see how the collision between the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and the color effect will spark

in 2015, the state issued a series of energy-saving and environmental protection standards for coating products. The overall environment has prompted the coating industry to face a new transformation, and the coating product structure is also quietly changing. Foshan Shunde digital color coating Co., Ltd., a professional company integrating R & D, production and sales of architectural coatings and decoration wood coatings, has been committed to the development of new environmental protection coatings. Aiming at the characteristics of single color and less selectability of traditional paint in the market, the most popular color matching system and top ten decoration effects in the world are launched to meet the pursuit of different consumers for color effect individuality. On November 4, went into digital color paint to see what kind of sparks would be generated by the collision between the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and the color effect

on the left is President Chen of digital color paint, and on the right is China building materials network

China Building Materials Network: Hello, President Chen

President Chen: Hello

China Building Materials Network: digital color paint is very distinctive in the paint industry. Your company's advanced color matching technology and excellent product effect make us in the building materials industry as thunderous as thunder. What are your plans for brand promotion this time

President Chen: digital color has focused on internal adjustment and upgrading since its inception. After years of development, it has formed a set of very distinctive products and technology, as well as supporting offline marketing system. This year, we have also increased the investment in online publicity and established a special online marketing team. At present, we are looking for suitable online big media to cooperate and carry out online marketing and promotion, hoping that good products can provide more convenience to consumers how is your market performance this year? Can you disclose the next market strategy of the enterprise

President Chen: as you know, the building materials industry is affected by the general environment this year, and many enterprises are struggling. This year, we have held 15 large-scale new product launches and paint investment fairs, as well as various offline carpentry technology exchanges and local fairs. The development momentum is rapid, sales have increased significantly, brand awareness is expanding, and contrarian growth has been achieved! We are also very confident to face the challenges in the future, and believe that the digital color team will become stronger and stronger

in the next step, the company plans to increase the construction of dealer service outlets and improve the quality of after-sales service; Accelerate the R & D and innovation of energy-saving and environmental friendly coatings in order to better adapt to the market; At the same time, the company will increase investment in network promotion, integrate online and offline resources, and let more dealer friends and consumers know our brand

China Building Materials Network: in recent years, the coating industry has experienced overcapacity, serious homogenization, gradual market saturation and environmental protection, which are both perplexing and promising for coating enterprises. What do you think of these problems

President Chen: China's paint market is still in great demand, which will not be a big problem for manufacturers with strong brand awareness and innovation ability. Now the brand awareness of the new generation of consumers is getting stronger and stronger, and the demand for personalized products is getting higher and higher. Digital color has always taken meeting the needs of customers as its own responsibility, has been innovating, and adheres to the differentiation route, which will enable us to have a very strong core competitiveness in the market

China Building Materials Network: how do you judge the overall environment of the industry market in 2016? In view of the current market environment, how do you think you can make a good brand in the general environment

President Chen: first of all, user experience and personalization are the development trend of the future market environment. To produce products that consumers like, let consumers have more sense of participation, and get consumers' recognition, will naturally be in an invincible position. Secondly, after the elimination of some low-quality manufacturers in the market, major paint brands will pay more attention to market demand and service quality. I believe that the overall situation of paint in 2016 will be better. As for a good brand, in addition to good products and ideas, we also need a good team. We are moving forward towards these goals I believe that the powerful product technology and services of digital color will be more and more popular with consumers. is also looking forward to cooperating with you! Thank you very much, President Chen, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to receive our visit. Thank you

President Chen: Thank you for the support of China building materials network

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