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Gas stoves are a necessary cooking tool in our daily life, and the exquisite brand products of gas stoves in the market are really dazzling if not professionals. Because gas stoves have frequent accidents, we need to refer to the following points when choosing gas stoves to help you get through the confusion period

1. Before buying, you should first know what kind of gas you use in your home. If the gas stove you bought does not match the type of gas used in your home, it may not be used at all, or it may cause poisoning, or even explosion or fire, with unimaginable consequences. There are mainly three kinds of gas used in households, namely artificial gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas

2. There are mainly two kinds of stove surface materials: stainless steel and tempered glass. The stainless steel stove surface materials are solid, but the stains are difficult to clean after long-term use. At the same time, the thicker the stainless steel stove surface is, the better. However, the thickness of some inferior products is less than 0.3 mm, which is prone to collapse in use and easy to cause personal damage. The glass stove surface is beautiful and easy to clean, and it is easy to be bright as new after long-term use. However, if you buy inferior products, it is easy to cause glass cracking in the process of use

3. The material of the furnace head is mainly stainless steel, cast iron and copper forging. Because the furnace head is roasted by fire for a long time, it is easy to deform, so the material and thickness of the furnace head are very important. Generally, the heavier the furnace head, the better

4. It is required that at least one burner is of high firepower to meet the needs of stir frying, that is, generally, the heat flow is 3.6 kW to 4.2 kW, and the other burner can be less than 3.6 kW for steaming, boiling and boiling soup

5. At present, gas stoves are divided into straight fire covers and rotating fire covers according to the shape of fire covers. Generally, the rotating fire cover has high heating efficiency and concentrated fire power, which is suitable for stir frying. However, the carbon monoxide content in the flue gas of rotary fire is easy to exceed the standard, while the fire power of direct fire cover is relatively uniform, and the carbon monoxide content in the flue gas is generally not easy to exceed the standard

6. The installation position of the switch knob, nozzle and ignition device of the gas stove must be accurate. During ventilation ignition, it should be ensured that each ignition can ignite the gas. The flame should burn through all the fire holes within 4 seconds after ignition. When using the electronic igniter for ignition, the human body will not feel electric shock when contacting the metal parts of the stove

7. The thermal efficiency of swirling fire and infrared stove is relatively high, which can save gas. Domestic gas stoves with pulse ignition have a high ignition rate

8. The stove with flameout protection device has high safety. When the flame is extinguished by wind or water, it can automatically cut off the gas

9. When buying an embedded stove, you must check whether it is equipped with a flameout protection device. If there is no flameout protection device, do not buy it, otherwise when the leaked gas reaches a certain concentration, it is easy to cause deflagration and fire




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