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At present, the export situation of all industries in China is generally in a downturn. In this export "dilemma", Zhuji gemei is undoubtedly a rare "lucky man". In recent years, the self operated export growth rate of this enterprise has been more than 35% every year. Their successful experience is worth learning from for all pump and valve enterprises

at present, the export situation of various industries in China is generally in a downturn. In this export "dilemma", Zhuji gemei is undoubtedly a rare "lucky man". In recent years, the self operated export growth rate of this enterprise has been more than 35% every year. Their successful experience is worth learning from for all pump and valve enterprises

only by taking the high-end route and making world-class efforts can we bring success.

although the current export situation is somewhat depressed, the production workshop of Zhejiang gemei Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is in full swing. "We are about to usher in the moment of take-off," said Mr. Spey, chairman of the company

since its establishment in february2010, this small enterprise based in Zhuji, Zhejiang, mainly produces high-efficiency liquid pumps and energy-saving and environment-friendly special motors, with an annual growth rate of more than 35%

Zhuji City is a large industrial county (city) in Zhejiang Province. There are more than 1000 industrial enterprises above designated size. Gemei Electromechanical is not well-known locally. But 7. Check, sort and print the experimental data! (see the software manual for details) in the United States on the other side of the ocean, it has many "supporters": in the middle of July this year, SM company, the largest domestic equipment underwriter in the United States, signed an agreement with Ge Mei electric to supply 30000 domestic water pumps and their supporting products annually

domestic water pumps have a penetration rate of more than 80% in American households. There are basement drainage pumps, garden watering pumps, shallow well suction jet pumps, and families with swimming pools also use swimming pool circulating pumps. Before 2012, American manufacturers almost "ate" the entire North American pump market

gemei entered the US market in 2012 and quickly opened up the situation. Over the past three years, gemei has established long-term supply cooperation with more than 1300 supermarkets in the United States. KFC and McDonald's, the two major international catering chains in the United States, have become loyal customers of gemei, and more than 10% of the global stores use the pump products made by gemei. This year, Amazon proposed to gemei Electromechanical to promote the swimming pool series pumps of gemei electromechanical with their full platform strength. In 2016, it will increase the volume and strive to sell more than 10000 units a year

"we are the lucky ones in trouble." Spey said. Despite the grim export situation in recent years, this young enterprise with only 102 employees has an annual growth rate of more than 35%. It is expected to achieve self operated export of more than US $8.6 million in 2015, and 11.1% in 2016 Power supply: 220V can reach about US $12million

challenge the international first-class standard

in the product display cabinet of gemei Electromechanical, there is a domestic water pump with a height of 40 cm and a full body of red. Its appearance is ordinary but has "connotation": it has passed the life test of 500000 times of continuous 24-hour operation with 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off, which is twice the standard recognized by the mainstream water pump manufacturers in the United States

"the warranty period we provide to American merchants is two years. When American merchants sell to customers, they extend the warranty period to three years because they can trust this product." Wuguoyao, general manager of gemei Electromechanical, said that this series of pumps has achieved mass production this year, and it is estimated that the sales volume will reach 50million yuan within two years

wuguoyao has many years of working experience in the United States and Canada. He said: "if gemei machinery and Electric Co., Ltd. makes low-end manufacturing and exports, it may have reached a 'dead end' today. No matter how we press prices, people will transfer the market to areas with lower manufacturing costs."

from the beginning of its establishment, gemei electromechanical aims at the high-end market in North America and challenges the world-class standards. In 2013, gemei successfully passed the motor test conducted by UL laboratories in the United States for an ambient temperature of 65 ℃. In 2014, gemei passed the CSA certification company of Canada and completed the certification of jet pump produced according to the NSF low lead drinking water standard of the United States

up to now, more than 20 products of gemei have obtained 40 or 50 international certifications

focus on the market

the "focus" of American pump peers left a very deep impression on wuguoyao. "But we can still identify their weaknesses." Wuguoyao said

if there is a water pump product used at the seaside, the centrifugal switch at the bottom of the motor is easily corroded by seawater. The carbon steel materials used by American manufacturers generally rust in about five years. Gemei changed this part of material into stainless steel, and the service life was extended to ten years. There is also a jet pump applicable to American household farms. The service life of gemei electromechanical products is twice that of similar products in the United States, and the price is only half of that. They soon got an order

"effort is the eternal theme." Spey rabbit said that we should focus on the market, see what people need, find out what defects similar products have, and then overcome them to find business opportunities. The water pump produced by gemei electromechanical Co., Ltd. is as small as a nameplate the size of a matchbox, and the materials used are also very exquisite. The year-on-year increase of 8.3% can ensure that it has been exposed to the sun and rain for more than five years, and the words and trademarks are still clear. Since its establishment five years ago, this enterprise has owned 27 utility model patents

the next plan of gemei is to acquire small and medium-sized water pump plants in the United States, realize dual brand operation and expand market share. Spey rabbit said that by building sales channels with Amazon and other Internet companies in the United States, the net profit margin can be increased by nearly 15 percentage points. If overseas companies can be acquired and merged, it will be a "sharp weapon" to accelerate the entry into the local market

jinligeng, vice mayor of Zhuji City, said that at a time when industrial enterprises are generally facing difficulties, gemei electromechanical attaches importance to quality, highlights its main business and develops against the trend, and has played a leading role in the local implementation of the innovation driven development strategy

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