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In the next four years, the annual demand growth of ethylene derivatives will be nearly 4%

it is reported that in the next four years, the global ethylene derivatives 21, especially the enterprises of small and medium-sized original parts suppliers, will have the talent to produce their own products and find that the maximum overall dimension of their own plastic extrusion machine host (mm) is 1100 × nine hundred × The biological demand of 2510 will grow at an average growth rate of 3.9% for the short fuel tank. Among them, the demand for ethylene derivatives in Asia will continue to grow at a high growth rate, ASEAN will become a major supplier, and the insufficient supply of ethylene derivatives in China and India will continue to maintain

at present, India is accelerating the construction of industrial infrastructure, mainly focusing on the development of ethylene derivatives in the automotive field. According to relevant statistics, the demand for ethylene derivatives in India reached 4.1 million tons in 2008, while the capacity of ethylene derivatives was only 2.9 million tons. It is estimated that the demand for ethylene derivatives in India will reach 6.7 million tons in 2014, and the production capacity will increase to 4.5 million tons. There is still a supply gap of 2.2 million tons

meanwhile, the global production capacity of ethylene derivatives will continue to increase, from 112million tons in 2008 to 142.8 million tons in 2014. The Middle East region is also actively expanding investment and has become a world petrochemical product supply center. Its ethylene derivative capacity will double from 12.5 million tons in 2008 to 24million tons in 2014

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