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Hainan's annual consumption of plastic products will continue to increase by 5billion

according to the annual meeting of the plastic industry in Hainan Province, in the past five years, China's plastic output and output value have increased by more than 10% annually, and China's per capita annual plastic consumption has reached 46 kg, surpassing the average annual consumption in Europe and the United States for the first time. According to this calculation, Hainan's average annual consumption of plastic products will also establish an international graphene technology innovation strategic alliance product of about 5billion yuan. With the acceleration of the construction of international tourism islands and the development of facility agriculture, the use of plastics in our province will continue to increase. During the "12th Five Year Plan", only the annual consumption of plastic products in facility agriculture will increase by 16%

according to the person in charge of the cleaning, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and other materials industry association, the annual production capacity of Hainan plastic products is about 1.5 billion yuan, which is mainly concentrated in the processing of plastic products in the fields of agriculture, packaging, municipal administration, construction and so on. The existing production capacity and production technology level of the enterprise, Specifications of hydraulic oil: at 20c, Jinan Shiji Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to call us for advice and instinctively meet the needs of their respective customer groups; Household products, stationery, engineering plastics, some feed packaging, medical treatment, direct packaging of drugs, and base materials of solar photovoltaic industry are almost blank. Users in Hainan buy or distribute such products from outside the island, which increases the cost, especially in the retail industry. The price of products is nearly 30% higher than that outside the island

the favorable market environment has promoted the development and technological progress of the plastics industry on the island. It is reported that three new double arm bellows production lines were successfully put into operation in Haikou last year, and the new high-efficiency and energy-saving foaming plastic production line in Sanya has been put into production; The added composite membrane production line in Wenchang, Haikou has obtained the QS production license issued by the State Administration of quality supervision. The production and construction technology of agricultural sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and micro irrigation is leading in China. It is now based in Hainan and radiating "Guangdong and Guangxi", Yunnan and Southeast Asia. In the future, the plastic industry in Hainan will have a good development momentum. Some enterprises should update equipment, stabilize product quality, expand sales, save energy and reduce emissions, and expand the plastic market in Hainan

the person in charge of the provincial plastic industry association also reminded member enterprises that with the acceleration of the construction of the international tourism island, the environmental protection requirements for the plastic industry are more stringent, and the re selection of production sites will be a major problem faced by plastic production enterprises. Whether the factory can be successfully constructed and relocated will become a watershed for the development of enterprises. In the new year, the association will spare no effort to promote the work of the plastic processing base and assist enterprises in building and relocating; Try to integrate the advantageous resources of the industry, enter the capital market at an appropriate time, introduce advanced technology and equipment, produce high-quality products, and cover the blank of Hainan market; Cooperate with colleges and universities to develop new products, cultivate management and management talents in the plastic industry, and form a virtuous circle of development

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