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Pinggao electric plans to apply for registration of ultra short-term financing bonds with a limit not exceeding RMB 3.5 billion. According to the news on June 4, Henan () Co., Ltd. (Securities abbreviation: Pinggao electric securities code: 600312) said that in order to meet the capital demand for future business growth and reduce financing costs, The company held the 19th interim meeting of the 7th board of directors on June 3, 2011 in accordance with the administrative measures for the debt financing of non-financial enterprises in the inter-bank bond market, which is therefore called "universal material" and other relevant provisions. The proposal on the company's application for registration and issuance of ultra short term financing bonds was reviewed and approved, It is agreed that the company shall apply to the inter market dealers association for the issuance quota of ultra short-term financing bonds with a total registered principal of no more than 3.5 billion yuan

it is understood that the proposed registered amount will not exceed RMB 3.5 billion, and the specific issuance scale will be subject to the amount registered with the China Association of interbank market dealers; The issuance period is that it can be issued in installments within the registration validity period, and the issuance period of each installment shall not exceed 270 days; The purpose of the fund is mainly to replace bank loans and supplement the company's working capital. It is strictly prohibited to use it to inspect human beings or animals; The issue interest rate is determined according to the market conditions of the inter-bank bond market at the time of each issue, and is finally determined based on the results of bookkeeping and filing; The issuing object is institutional investors in China's inter-bank bond market (except purchasers prohibited by national regulations); The date of issuance is to select an opportunity to issue within the registration validity period specified in the notice of acceptance of registration issued by the China Association of interbank market dealers according to the actual capital demand and market interest rate

according to the data of shell digging, PingGao Electric's business scope covers the installation, R & D, design, manufacturing, sales, testing, complete sets of relevant equipment, services and engineering contracting of the anchor screws and holes for the lower jaw screw rod of the transmission and distribution equipment, as well as the installation, R & D, manufacturing, testing, and other wire devices and pipelines. Its core business is the high-voltage switch business, distribution switch business, domestic and foreign power engineering general contracting business, and switch product operation and maintenance business, It can meet all the needs of China's power construction for switchgear and supporting services

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