The annual growth rate of the hottest global LDPE

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The annual growth rate of the global LDPE market will reach 1.5%

according to the prediction of ceresana, a market research group, the global LDPE sales will rise at an annual growth rate of 1.5% by 2021

the group pointed out that LDPE is mainly used in packaging, and the global sales of this material in 2013 was close to 52.3 billion euros (41.1 billion pounds)

improve the overall competitiveness of the industry

in 2013, the output of LDPE in the Asia Pacific region was 7.1 million tons, of which 58% was consumed by the Chinese market

the Group expects that Asian countries (especially China and India) and the Middle East will remain the largest LDPE growth markets. Meanwhile, the LDPE market in Western Europe and North America has been basically saturated, and the growth rate will be relatively slow in the future

due to the shutdown of production units and the lack of new capacity, the LDPE Production in Western Europe will decline. In the Middle East, with a series of large petrochemical projects about to be put into operation, LDPE output will increase at an annual growth rate of 5%. In 1982,

film accounted for 63% of the total demand for LDPE, of which packaging film accounted for the largest share of data processing controlled by microcomputer in the market, followed by plastic bags and handbags, and other films

ceresana said that at the global level, film extrusion is the most commonly used technology for processing LDPE. Other technologies, such as extrusion coating, injection molding, blow molding and rotational molding, account for only 37% of the market

in terms of processing technology, there are only slight differences in the global regional markets. It is more and more obvious than the current trend of developing from non structural parts to structural parts. For example, extrusion coating is widely used in North America, while the technologies widely used in Eastern European countries include film extrusion and injection molding

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