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The annual meeting of the international environmental protection textile association was held in New Delhi, India. Oeko tex held the 2011 Annual Meeting in Delhi, India, with the participation of general managers from 15 member institutions. The central topics of the annual meeting mainly focus on three aspects: the determination of the 2012 Oeko tex Standard 100 standard limit value; The high-yield utilization of quality among the 15 member organizations is also suitable for the internal unification of aircraft manufacturing management measures. For example, it is not easy to check the test level and the quality of certified products if you want to select suitable equipment; As a registered trademark, "confidence in textiles" marks intellectual property protection

according to the introduction of TESTEX (Beijing) Textile Inspection Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned company of TESTEX in China, one of the main members of the international environmental protection textile association, the annual meeting discussed and analyzed the on-site audit and implementation since 2010. Haug, Secretary General of the international environmental protection textile association, said that since April last year, in order to enable the certified enterprises to manage the quality control in accordance with the requirements of oeko-t to calibrate the precision adjustable gain adjustment knob ex 100 of the spring testing machine with a 0.3-level standard dynamometer, the member organizations of the Association have conducted on-site audits on more than 2000 certified enterprises during the certification process, so as to provide technical support for quality management. Haug pointed out: "during the on-site audit, we can face-to-face explain the problems existing in the production process to the enterprise's quality management personnel, so as to help the enterprise obtain the maximum input-output ratio, that is, the maximum economic benefit, on the Oeko tex 100 certification." At the annual meeting, all participants expressed satisfaction with the results achieved by the on-site audit mechanism and agreed to continue to implement the supervision mechanism for global certified enterprises

the annual meeting proposed to adjust the annual quality spot check proportion of certified products worldwide, from the current minimum spot check proportion of 15% of the total number of certificates issued to 20% of the total number of certificates. The cost of purchasing the sampled products at the retail end will be borne by the international environmental protection textile association. It is understood that in recent years, various inspection institutions have increased the proportion of spot checks on the global products certified as eco textiles year by year. At present, the actual proportion of spot checks has reached 18% of the total number of certified certificates

in addition to reaching an agreement on the above verification mechanism, the annual meeting also adopted a supplementary document allowing the application for Oeko tex 100 certification on the premise that certain special products (such as tents, baby carriages, office chairs, backpacks, etc.) meet the attached special requirements

it is also learned that the 2012 Oeko tex test and processing impact limit will be published in January 2012

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