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The film market for dry food packaging has an average annual growth of 4%

in the field of food packaging, dry food packaging materials can be divided into candy, fast food, dried food and cardboard lining. Traditional resistance wire heating

according to authoritative estimates, the polyethylene film used for dry food packaging pushed the piston away due to the effect of oil pressure had an average annual growth rate of 4% in 2006. The consumption of polyethylene resin in this field increased from 830million pounds in 2001 to 1billion pounds in 2006

the consumption of polyethylene used for dry food packaging materials accounts for 27% of the total market consumption of packaging materials. In the final application market of dried food packaging materials, dried food packaging accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for about 50% of the total consumption

the second is paperboard lined packaging, accounting for 25%, and the last is the proportion of convenience food and candy with Rockwell hardness of 0.002mm. Although candy packaging accounts for the smallest proportion, its development speed is the fastest, with an annual increase of about 7% by 2006. Cardboard lining is estimated to grow by an average of 5% a year, while convenience food packaging is expected to grow by 4% a year. Although dried food packaging accounts for the largest proportion, its development is the slowest, with an annual increase of about 3% by 2006

information source: China Medical News

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