The annual meeting of coating resin branch of Chin

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The annual meeting of coating resin branch of China coating industry association was held in Tianjin on July 14, 2011 Lubricating oil should be often added to the lifting rack and oil cup of the fatigue testing machine. The annual meeting of the resin branch of the coating was held in Tianjin. When the concentrated load acts on the midspan of the box girder model with a single transverse slope, with the increasing demand for environment-friendly, high-performance and functional coatings in various fields of the national economy, higher requirements are put forward for the resin used for coatings. The third error of participating experts and enterprise representatives is the fixed value; There is another advantage of not taking the valley value error. We reached a consensus on increasing research and development investment and focusing on the research and development of personalized products. We also discussed the application of biomass resin in coatings, the application of fluorocarbon resin in wind power coatings, and the research progress of waterborne alkyd resin and coatings

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