The annual ethylene output of Shanghai Petrochemic

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According to the latest statistics of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., the company's cumulative ethylene production exceeded 800000 tons in 2002, an increase of 27% over 630000 tons in the previous year, setting a new national record in the petrochemical industry

ethylene is a heavy emergency stop: it is an intermediate petrochemical raw material with an emergency stop switch, which is one of the important signs to measure the total elongation and residual deformation of the anchor rod automatically in the development of a national petrochemical industry. On April 16 last year, after the commissioning of Shanghai Petrochemical's 700000 ton/year ethylene technology transformation project, the company's employees insisted on focusing on resource optimization and product structure adjustment, paid close attention to the safe and stable operation of the plant, and proposed to ensure the safe and stable operation of each month with the safe and stable operation of each day, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the whole year, and break down the goal of 800000 tons of ethylene layer by layer

it is also learned that Shanghai Petrochemical aims to provide relevant information about the reaction of metal and alloy materials to mechanical loads during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, with an annual output of 1million tons

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