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The annual average growth rate of global carbon black demand is nearly 6%

according to a recent report issued by the US global market research and consulting agency lucintel, the development prospect of the global carbon black market is promising. It is estimated that the annual average growth rate of global carbon black demand from 2015 to 2020 will be as high as 5.9%. The main factor contributing to the sustainable growth of the market is the strong demand for carbon black from tires and industrial rubber products

polyamide and polyester are ideal choices for making connectors for sensors, displays and controls. Luxintair believes that with the increase in the number of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the demand for carbon black in the tire industry will continue to grow in the future. The transportation industry has a large demand for tires, rubber model products and rubber hoses, making it continue to occupy the highest share in the carbon black segment such as soft PVC market. At the same time, the Asia Pacific region will still be the world's largest carbon black market. On the one hand, the automobile production in this region is increasing year by year. On the other hand, more and more tire enterprises are migrating from developed regions to emerging market countries such as India and China. The report also pointed out that the carbon black industry should strengthen process innovation and new product development, and establish cooperative partnership with consumers. The bending center diameter can be confirmed according to the diameter of steel bars to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and provide low-cost solutions for end consumers

at present, there are some new trends in the market, such as the transformation of carbon black varieties from general-purpose to special-purpose, and the increasing use of carbon black as a pigment in lightweight automotive parts to enhance conductivity and UV protection, which will have a far-reaching impact on the global carbon black industry. In addition, during the forecast period from 2015 to 2020, some companies will take M & A as a strategic measure to promote growth, and the M & A activities among enterprises will increase, and the market concentration will also increase

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