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Sany: R & D force leading the development of coal mining machinery in China

Sany: R & D force leading the development of coal mining machinery in China

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Guide: a break through the first domestic perfect R & D system although six years have passed, Niu Jianqiang still clearly remembers the scene when he first developed the first rock tunnel boring machine. In 2005, through market research, Sany Heavy equipment found that the number of tunneling tunnels in China's key coal mines reached 3000, including semi coal rock and

a break through the first domestic perfect R & D system

although six years have passed, Niu Jianqiang still clearly remembers the scene of developing the first rock tunnel boring machine

in 2005, through market research, Sany Heavy equipment found that the number of tunneling tunnels in China's key coal mines reached as many as 3000, of which semi coal rock and whole rock tunneling tunnels accounted for more than 40%. Domestic Rock Roadheader, which can economically cut hard rock and can replace high priced imported products and blasting technology, will be the first choice for large and medium-sized coal mines. The leaders of the company immediately decided to establish the rock tunnel boring machine R & D project, and Niu Jianqiang was appointed as the project manager

"The first obstacle we encountered was that there was no data to learn from. At that time, China had not yet developed equipment that was really suitable for hard rock roadway excavation, and foreign technology also blocked us. After many investigations, the project team combined with the successful experience of Sany TBM development, and put forward the preliminary design scheme. After difficult review and discussion again and again, the project was finally difficult in continuous revision and persistence, and was determined at the time of installation Pay attention to the installation and improvement of the locking device. " Niu Jianqiang told, "it is a very interesting thing to hold a review meeting. Disputes often occur, and even fierce exchanges. Everyone's knowledge, eloquence, and personality are vividly displayed. While discussing, they improve, and know a lot of things that may never be experienced."

in September, 2005, the technical drawings of rock tunnel boring machine passed the acceptance, and the technical preparations were fully completed; In October, the company issued the trial production plan of ebz200h rock tunnel boring machine prototype

in August of the next year, this roadheader came to Suncun coal mine of Shandong Xinwen Mining Group for industrial test. The mine welcomed its arrival with an over specification ceremony. This test is of great and far-reaching significance for China's roadheader. After the roadheader is installed and debugged in the well, it starts up. In a moment, the air on the site seems to solidify at once. Success or failure depends on it! With the sound of the machine's motor, the rocks were cut off one by one, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief

in March 2007, the second industrial test was successfully carried out in Liyazhuang coal mine of Huozhou coal power group. In June of the same year, the ebz200h Hard Rock Roadheader on-site observation meeting was held in Liyazhuang coal mine. A total of 600 people from relevant national ministries and commissions, scientific research institutions and experts attended the observation meeting. Industry experts agreed that the overall technology of the roadheader reached the international advanced level, filling the gap in the whole rock roadway excavation in China

"This research and development not only fills the domestic gap, but also is an effective exploration for the institutionalization of Sany Heavy equipment research and development. In the process of this research and development, the evaluation system and industrial test system have further matured, and become a research solution that remains unchanged. The solution is to check whether the communication line between the computer and the impact testing machine falls off; check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; check the sensor during the recent experiment or keyboard operation Have you been hit; Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software is used before the problem occurs; Check whether the calibration value, calibration value or other information in hardware parameters have been changed manually. " Niu Jianqiang told

Huang Xiangyang, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy equipment and President of the Research Institute, said: "the main purpose of the innovation mechanism is to improve the innovation ability of all employees through constantly improving the enterprise's technological innovation organization and management mechanism. The company attaches great importance to the institutional construction of the R & D innovation system, so that the whole system is in a healthy and benign development environment, and constantly promotes high-quality innovative products and leading innovative technologies."

b high innovation investment focuses on coal mining safety

as an enterprise committed to transforming the traditional coal machinery industry with high and new technology, Sany Heavy Equipment's annual R & D investment remains at the industry-leading level. "Sany Heavy Equipment's investment in R & D is more than 7% of the sales revenue. All the R & D investment is used in the R & D, trial production and industrial test of new products, providing financial guarantee for the R & D of new products. Sufficient financial guarantee has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development and technological innovation of Sany Heavy equipment." Huang Xiangyang said. Sany Heavy equipment also spared no expense in improving the basic conditions of R & D and testing. At present, the investment of R & D, testing and other scientific research equipment of the company has invested more than tens of millions of yuan in the use of this kind of cable fault tester; The coal machine comprehensive test site, which was built by the company in 2007, has been put into use

in the coal industry, the lessons of underground accidents and bloodshed challenge the hearts of coal miners. How to realize normal and even efficient coal mining on the less populated or even unmanned working face? Sany Heavy equipment has repeatedly invested heavily to solve this problem. Unmanned "intrinsically safe" coal mining has been brought into the leading vision of Sany Heavy equipment R & D personnel

as early as 2007, Sany Heavy equipment fully mechanized mining research and development team focused on the development of unmanned coal mining machinery. They tried repeatedly and went down the well frequently. In 2009, qmz300 intelligent fully automatic combined coal mining unit, a complete set of fully mechanized mining equipment based on integrated design and manufacturing, came off the production line, which was the first coal mining unit that could realize unmanned "intrinsic safety" in China at that time. The unit was successfully tested in Qipanjing mine in Mengxi, Shenhua, and was recognized by the market. That year, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council came to Sany to inspect the heavy equipment. After seeing the equipment, he said with satisfaction, "this equipment is very good."

based on the unswerving adherence to safety, Sany Heavy equipment has launched the domestic first complete set of hard rock excavation equipment, with dust removal effect of more than 99%, and miners do not need to wear masks for underground operations. At this year's Sany science and technology festival, Sany Heavy Equipment launched the first bh38/2 in China × 400 coal plough unit is a kind of equipment to realize intrinsic safety. As the only equipment engaged in the construction of dangerous environment under the mine, this equipment won the first prize of the most important scientific and technological progress

C implement talent strategy to build an international talent gathering place

the innovation of Sany Heavy equipment is not only reflected in the field of technology, but also in the field of human resources. "The company has established a research and development center with the largest scale in the industry, providing various forms of training opportunities and salaries higher than the industry standards for excellent research and development talents. At the same time, unimpeded promotion channels, post doctoral workstations, and the first academician workstation in the industry all provide a favorable human resource environment and platform for the construction of innovation capacity." Talking about the R & D center, Huang Xiangyang is like a treasure

in recent years, with the acceleration of the internationalization process of Sany Heavy equipment, building a distribution center for international talents has become an important talent strategy of the company

in 2011, the Research Institute of Sany Heavy equipment has 865 engineers, of which 5% are senior engineers from world-famous enterprises. It is worth mentioning that most experts have experience in independently operating projects and enterprises. They are not only "one upmanship", but also proficient in management and marketing, and can help the company carry out overseas business

onseri (an Ruofei), once a senior engineer of Bucyrus company, joined Sany Heavy Equipment on April 1 this year and became a member of the company's technical team. "Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a vigorous enterprise. What attracts me most is that it continues to innovate and dare to break through itself. The company has been on the way to climb up." An Ruofei said

it is very common for foreign senior technicians like an Ruofei to join Sany Heavy equipment. Huang Xiangyang said, "I am confident that as long as I come to Sany Heavy equipment experts, they will not be willing to go. Working in Sany is a kind of happiness, a kind of enjoyment, and a sense of achievement to see their dreams come true."


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