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Quotation of Panjin and Maoming Petrochemical in the Pearl River Delta

the quotation of Panjin Petrochemical in the Pearl River Delta this week basically maintained the level of last week. Hdpe5070ea reported 7000 yuan, hips85 reported 6500; Due to the small inventory of Panjin ABS, the dealer has little sales pressure. The quotation is 9200, about 200 yuan higher than South Korea 750; PP also reported 6200 and sold out last week

this week, the consumption driven by Maoming Petrochemical will be considerable. The price of LDPE has been raised to 7200, an increase of 200 yuan over last week. After all, these are what customers need to know before. All the fixing screws of the load flange were loosened, and the LLDPE production line was changed to HDPE drawing grade, while the inventory of the original lldpe7042 has been basically exhausted. At present, the quotation of Guangzhou Petrochemical lldpe7042 is 6900. Several varieties of PP remained at the price of last week, and T30S was reported at 6000 yuan

at present, the demand of the Triangle market is weak and sensitive, and the test pieces are loaded slowly and evenly. Most traders only leave a small amount of goods for standby, and then call them from elsewhere when the downstream manufacturers need to purchase. Downstream manufacturers also buy as much as they use, and do not buy for standby because of the flat price

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