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The largest R & D and production base of functional membrane materials in Zhejiang Province started

membrane materials are two-dimensional materials formed by atoms, molecules or ions deposited on the surface of high-molecular polymers with the widest range of mechanical properties among all known materials. Membrane materials (or films) involve a wide range of manufacturing and application fields, including building materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, medicine, electronics, food, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. The largest R & D and production base of functional membrane materials in Zhejiang Province held a groundbreaking ceremony in Changkou new area of the national Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone on the morning of November 17

the largest R & D and production base of functional membrane materials in Zhejiang Province started

functional membrane materials are an important part of the impact experiment of "new material industry", one of the national strategic emerging industries. The project has a total investment of 300million yuan, covers an area of 80.6 mu, and a total construction area of 37200 square meters. The market share of four imported markets from France and Japan has reached 850000 functional film customization production lines. It mainly develops and produces functional film materials used in four categories of emerging industrial fields: special insulation materials represented by pen films, which are used in aerospace, motor cars, micro motors, etc; New photoelectric materials represented by LCD film and applied in liquid crystal displays such as mobile terminals, intelligence, personal computers, etc; New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection materials represented by solar backplane lining film and applied in solar photovoltaic, energy-saving building decoration, etc; It is applied to new computer application materials in film switches, flexible printed circuit boards, etc. according to relevant data statistics. The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2017, and the annual output value is expected to be 520million yuan after all the projects are put into operation

the project is jointly invested and constructed by Hangzhou HuaSu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd

the construction of the R & D and production base of functional membrane materials has added a strong driving force to the development of Changkou smart manufacturing town. Seizing the opportunity of the continuous release of the "post summit" effect, Changkou smart manufacturing town features advanced manufacturing system and mode innovation, focuses on integrated manufacturing, lean production and the deep integration of "two modernizations", attracts "spillover" and "chain mending" industrial projects and benchmarking major projects, and vigorously develops advantageous industries such as machinery and electronics and new material manufacturing

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