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Shahe city introduces talents and realizes the upgrading of the glass industry

attracting national scientific research institutions and efficient high-tech talents into Hebei is a strategic measure of "adjusting structure and promoting development" in Shahe City, which has been vividly practiced in the upgrading of the glass industry in Shahe City

at the construction site of qirun special glass Co., Ltd. in Shahe economic development zone. We can see that the factory building of the company has begun to take shape. Chirun special glass Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan, will be completed and put into operation before May 1st next year, specializing in the production of a new type of glass, high borosilicate glass. Although it is still a construction site at present, Sun Bo, the general manager, has long been confident about the situation after the company is put into operation

Sun Bo: "the price of glass is much higher than that of ordinary glass, which costs more than 20000 yuan per ton. The construction glass in the ordinary market is more than 1000 yuan per ton, and the market demand is also relatively large. Recently, some customers are discussing the underwriting products with us."

for the same ton of glass, high borosilicate glass can sell 20 times the price of ordinary glass, because of its scientific and technological content. High borosilicate glass was successfully developed by Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute. When I met Dr. Zhi Guanglin, the leader of scientific research, in the laboratory of the Research Institute, he was developing a new variety of high alumina glass

Zhi Guanglin: "this kind of glass is rarely produced in China. In the future, it will be ultra-thin and high-strength. After research and development, it can improve the grade of Shahe glass."

Zhi Guanglin graduated from Wuhan University of technology last year and was introduced to Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute as a special talent. Although less than two years after its establishment, Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute has attracted a large number of professional and technical talents with high academic qualifications such as Zhi Guanglin. There are more than 50 scientific researchers, including 22 with doctoral degrees and 0 with master's degrees. Their average age is less than 30 years old

Shenzhiwei, vice president of the Research Institute, "so far, our research institute has successfully developed microcrystalline glass, high borosilicate glass and thin-film solar cell glass, and now it has been transferred to industrial production."

in 2011, the total output of Shahe glass reached 120million weight boxes, accounting for one fifth of the total output of the country, but mainly flat glass. Taking advantage of the talents and intelligence of the glass technology research institute, Shahe City has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry. By 2015, it will strive to increase the annual output value of the glass industry from 15billion yuan in 2011 to 100billion yuan, and build Shahe into a "China's glass technology demonstration base" and the country's largest glass production and R & D center. Zhonghua glass () adopts the internationally advanced technology department through the implementation of the project

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