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Shahe glass industry has resolutely fought a tough battle for the remediation of polluting enterprises

there are many coal-fired polluting enterprises in and around Shahe City, and the pollution problem of small enterprises around the city is prominent, which is an important factor affecting the quality of the urban atmospheric environment. We must highlight the key points, implement treatment by classification, close down and ban a batch, relocate and delist a batch, treat and transform a batch, and standardize and integrate a batch, so as to fight the tough battle for the rectification of polluting enterprises to the letter

we should resolutely implement the deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and close down and ban all 26 enterprises that do not conform to the national industrial policy, are small in scale, backward in technology, seriously polluted, and strongly complained by the masses; For Delong, Xinggang, Xingtai and other three key air pollution enterprises, measures such as limiting production and emissions will be taken to reduce air pollution emissions. 54 polluting enterprises in cement, glass, coking, printing and dyeing industries should be moved out of the urban area. Those with low technology content and hopeless relocation should be shut down. For the 55 large and medium-sized enterprises that cannot be relocated for the time being, they will formulate relocation plans one by one and gradually move out of the urban area; Before moving out, we should take measures to deepen governance, vigorously reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide, smoke and dust, and ensure a major breakthrough within the year. At the same time, on the basis of the closure of 1502 small plate enterprises in the eastern part of the urban area and 113 small lime and small stone enterprises in the western part of the urban area, we will build the plate industrial park in the eastern part of the urban area and the building materials Industrial Park in the western mountainous area, improve environmental protection standards and improve product grades

as for some polluting enterprises, they have made important contributions to the economic and social development of Xingtai in history, which is undeniable. However, in today's scientific development, if it is still blindly extensive development, resulting in the destruction of the ecological environment and the decline of people's quality of life, it deviates from the requirements of the scientific concept of development. At the same time, we should also realize that pollution control and touching on relevant disciplines such as materials, biology and medicine are not giving up the development of enterprises. On the contrary, Xingtai has green mountains and waters, blue sky and white clouds, and building a city with good external evaluation of impact testing machine detection knowledge, which can be retained by foreign businessmen, and the people are livable and industrious, can create a better environment and broader space for the development of enterprises. Moreover, the process of pollution remediation is also a process for enterprises to improve their technological level and production process. In the long run, it is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of enterprise development. The gradual transformation and upgrading of Shahe glass industry fully illustrates this point

adjusting the development strategy and development path is a profound revolution, which will inevitably pay a price and face pain. Some temporary difficulties may appear in some areas and some industries. In the face of possible costs and pains, and in the face of temporary difficulties, both local governments and enterprises should correctly handle the relationship between overall interests and local interests, long-term interests and immediate interests, so as to do everything for the long-term development of Xingtai, the overall situation of the city's work, and the well-being of 7.1 million people. As long as the anchor chain of our road 1 and 1 is selected correctly and the direction is right, the development will soon open a new situation and jump to a new level

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