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Shaanxi: in 2018, the transportation investment will be 70billion

the transportation work conference of Shaanxi Province will be held on January 12. Over the past five years, Shaanxi Province has achieved a historical leap in the construction of transportation infrastructure around the overall situation of stable growth. The province has invested 264billion yuan in transportation fixed assets, built 24 highway projects of 1214 kilometers, and the total mileage of highways in the province has reached 5279 kilometers, which continues to rank in the forefront of the country, connecting 98 districts and counties, and building a "one-day traffic circle" with surrounding central cities. The operating mileage of Railways in the province has reached 5300 kilometers, and high-speed railway projects such as Daxi, Baolan and Xicheng have been put into operation successively. The framework of "two vertical and five horizontal hubs and three hubs" has basically formed. The role of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport as a hub has been fully demonstrated, forming a "one main and four auxiliary" civil airport system with 30 production bases and about 14300 employees in the world. The passenger throughput of the airport has reached 41.87 million person times, ranking firmly among the top eight in the country

the meeting proposed that Shaanxi Province will complete a transportation investment of 70billion yuan this year, basically complete the first intercity railway in the province, and newly start a high-speed railway of more than 400 kilometers, with the annual railway construction scale of 1700 kilometers to 3 Standard configuration. Four expressways of 192 kilometers were built, with a total mileage of 5471 kilometers, that is, the annual construction scale of more than 1600 kilometers on the basis of different fixtures. 1000 kilometers of national and provincial trunk roads were built, and the scale of reconstruction and expansion throughout the year exceeded 2500 kilometers. Focusing on the construction of "four good rural roads", more than 10000 kilometers of rural roads have been newly reconstructed and improved, and the task of ensuring the minimum cost of transportation has been completed ahead of schedule. 300 new villages have been established to connect villages with passenger cars. The continuous increase in automobile production has led to the new reconstruction and improvement of 14340 kilometers of rural roads throughout the year

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