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The future of shaftless corrugated paper printing and processing

in recent years, With the market for corrugated ink "> with the continuous improvement of printing and processing requirements, faster production speed and higher printing quality are being widely proposed. However, the traditional mechanical transmission printing machine has limited the improvement of production quality due to the torsional interference of mechanical transmission, which has been difficult to meet the needs of the current market.

when the traditional technology can no longer meet the market requirements, more new technologies have emerged in the market. For example, Bosch Rexroth synax200, It is one of the more representative products. The design of its modular shaftless drive automatic control system with independent units came into being to meet the requirements of the market. The traditional mechanical long shaft will be replaced by the electronic long shaft. Below, we will take the corrugated printing machine as an example to outline in detail how each unit of its system improves its performance in the current global pattern of plastic machines in this new system control

leading edge feeding

leading edge feeding has always been considered to be a key part affecting the overall printing effect. In traditional mechanical transmission, it is the key technology of mechanical cam, which involves the design and manufacture of cam. Sometimes, even if people have a comprehensive understanding of the leading edge feed cam curve or have new ideas to improve the efficiency of the whole machine, it seems that manufacturing a high-precision cam is another bottleneck. At present, the high-precision cam mechanism of leading-edge paper feeding mainly depends on imports. Once the mechanical structure or size of the paper feeding part needs to be changed, the mechanical cam also needs to be changed accordingly, which is almost impossible for machine manufacturers

electronic cam is to add a high-precision servo motor to the mechanical transmission part, and the motor runs with the cam track calculated by the trick of pre calculation and combination, so as to replace the original mechanical cam mechanism. The emergence of Bosch Rexroth electronic cam scheme has completely broken the bottleneck and pattern of mechanical cam, which is mainly due to the unique electronic cam derivation and generation tool software (cambuilder) of Bosch Rexroth. According to the actual situation of their own machinery, customers can generate cam curves with position, speed, acceleration and variable acceleration, and customize cams for themselves. It is worth mentioning that even the designer who contacts the cam curve for the first time can generate the cam step by step through the built-in cam curve design wizard. Through internal calculation, we can intuitively understand the speed, acceleration and variable acceleration of the cam under different printing speeds, so as to obtain the required electronic cam curve. It is worth noting that a reasonable electronic cam curve will directly affect the working efficiency of the executive servo motor. Under the same working efficiency, a reasonable electronic cam curve determines the most cost-effective servo motor

at present, two sets of electronic cam schemes for users to choose have been launched in the market. One is the system solution of electronic cam, that is, the electronic cam control becomes a part of the shaftless drive system solution of the whole machine, and the cam motion is realized by the built-in electronic cam synchronization function of the motion control system (MC), which is a solution for the high-end shaftless drive printing machine; The other is the single axis solution of the electronic cam function integrated in the driver, that is, the electronic cam function can be realized by a single driver. Bosch Rexroth's latest series of drives (IndraDrive) integrates motion and logic functions (MLD), so that only an encoder is added to the original mechanical long shaft or main drive gear to realize the synchronization between the leading edge paper feeding mechanism and the whole machine, and the PLC function integrated by the driver can independently control the leading edge paper feeding mechanism without modifying the original machine program. This is a very cost-effective solution for the upgrading and transformation of the original machine functions

the transfer roller driven by the servo transmits the paperboard with a smooth acceleration, which can avoid the impact of slipping to the greatest extent, so as to minimize the printing registration error caused by the paper feeding mechanism. At the same time, it can also cooperate with the internal automatic registration control function of Rexroth synapx200

printing unit

the main factors affecting the printing effect of traditional mechanical transmission are: the rigidity and clearance of transmission machinery, the accuracy of plate making or pasting, and the appropriate pressure between the printing plate roller, the embossing roller and the embossing roller


now by installing servo motors in each printing roller, these factors can be changed to make the printing roller become a real electronic axis with a resolution of 1/revolution. They are synchronized with the virtual spindle (resolution of 220) inside the motion control system (MC). The effect of electronic synchronous rigidity is far more than that of mechanical rigidity, and the direct transmission of electronic shaft can avoid the influence of meshing clearance of traditional gear transmission

the independent drive of the printing roller avoids the torsional interference transmitted from the mechanical transmission gear. The electronic shaft with position memory function can easily enter the pre-established registration position before each startup. Through the electronic gear, the printing length can be fine adjusted to reduce the registration error caused by misalignment in the process of plate making or pasting. The internal automatic registration control function of Rexroth synapx200 can ensure the printing quality to the greatest extent


indentation and slotting

at the indentation part, install the servo motor on the side of the indentation knife roller to realize the rapid and accurate positioning of the knife according to the width of the cardboard before starting up. The database of conventional paperboard size can be generated in the system. Customers can complete all parameter settings by selecting the paperboard size to be produced before operation

the basic task of slotting is to open one or two slots at the fixed position of the cardboard. By installing a servo motor on the slotting knife to change the position of the slot on the cardboard or adjust the circumferential angle of the slotting knife, these can be completed automatically without manual operation. This flexible adjustment method reduces the setting time required for switching between different production orders

circular die cutting

the vibration caused by circular die cutting in China has the largest market share, which is the main component of interference sources in traditional mechanical gear transmission. On the one hand, the interference generated is transmitted to the printing unit, which affects the printing quality; On the other hand, the power distributed to each unit through mechanical gear transmission is uneven and interferes with each other, which affects the quality of circular die cutting

die cutter roll and anvil roll can be driven independently by two servo motors, which is a solution to comprehensively ensure production quality. In this way, the die-cutting knife roller gets enough power and position control, which not only ensures the precision of die-cutting, but also does not bring vibration to other units. The anvil roller extends its service life under the motion control of servo motor

in terms of circular die cutting, in addition to using the solution of the synax200 integrated automation system, like the leading-edge paper feeding scheme introduced previously, the die cutting of the original machine can also be upgraded and transformed through the integrated motion and logic function (MLD) of the latest series of drives (IndraDrive)

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