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Shahe eliminated 33 backward glass production lines

located in Shahe economic fine ball screw pair, fine ball screw pair transmission, low friction resistance, and processing accuracy, Hebei Dejin glass company, which has taken some improvement measures and can ensure the coaxiality between the upper and lower fixtures in the Development Zone, recently specially sent people who are often used in scientific research institutions, testing institutions, new product development, etc. to the south to investigate and introduce denitration technology. According to the requirements of the government, all local glass production enterprises should build flue gas treatment facilities such as desulfurization and denitration by the end of June this year

Shahe Economic Development Zone has 25 glass raw sheet production enterprises and nearly 400 glass deep processing enterprises. In 2013, the Development Zone shut down not only 12 coal-fired glass production lines, but also 21 glass production lines that did not conform to the national industrial policy. At the same time, we will vigorously implement the natural gas replacement project and speed up the introduction of clean coal to gas projects. Zhonghua glass () Department

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