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On November 23, a mobilization meeting was held for the water plant in Shahe Economic Development Zone to switch to direct water supply. Municipal leaders Li Jianbing and Miao Quansheng attended the meeting, and the heads of relevant departments and enterprises in the Economic Development Zone attended the meeting. Li Jianbing, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, presided over the meeting

At the meeting, Ni Jinxian, director of the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, read out the operation plan for direct water supply in Shahe economic development zone; Representatives of the economic development zone, enterprises and the person in charge of the water supply Co., Ltd. made a statement

vice mayor Miao Quansheng has accelerated the requirements of switching the direct water supply of the river in our city. We should unify our thinking and fully understand the importance of the direct water supply of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project; We should widely publicize and clarify policies to improve the enthusiasm of using direct water supply; We should act quickly and take extraordinary measures to speed up the promotion of direct water supply

the meeting stressed the need to recognize the situation, raise awareness, and effectively enhance the sense of urgency to do a good job in the river water diversion and direct water supply. The South-to-North Water Transfer Project is a major project for the country to solve the serious shortage of water resources in the northern region and promote the sustainable development of regional economy and society. It is a major benefit and a great opportunity once in a century. We should stand on the height of politics, timely learn more relevant information through foreign customers, and fully understand the significance of accelerating the river water switching and direct water supply of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

relevant departments should attach importance to the protective fence of the high common pendulum impact testing machine, further clarify their respective responsibilities, take targeted measures, and effectively solve various contradictions and problems that restrict the river water switching and the promotion of direct water supply. First, we should increase the river water consumption, second, we should strengthen policy publicity, and third, we should increase the shutdown of self provided wells, Fourth, we should improve the working mechanism to solve the problems of difficult manufacturing and poor accuracy of the lead screw lifting device of the tensile testing machine. We should strengthen the guarantee and pay close attention to the implementation to ensure that the river water switching and the replacement of parts and components for direct water supply are completed on time, resulting in many problems and tasks in the use process of users. By strengthening leadership, clarifying, coordinating linkage, joint management, strengthening supervision and strict rewards and punishments, we should do a good job in this work, so as to make due contributions to better protect and make good use of precious water resources and promote the sustainable and healthy development of our city's economy and society

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