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Shahe glass finished the environmental protection "adult ceremony"

the air quality ranked low for a long time, which put great pressure on Xingtai, Hebei, and the prevention and control of air pollution has been sharply upgraded. Shahe glass industry, whose production capacity accounts for nearly 1/5 of the total flat glass in China, bears the brunt

what makes the local leaders more difficult is that this round of strong environmental remediation coincides with the increasing downward pressure on the economy, and the glass industry market is depressed, generally in a state of loss or semi loss

under the double pressure, Shahe glass industry once again came to the crossroads. Where to go, where to choose, Shahe is exploring, and the outside world is paying attention

pollution control efforts have been upgraded, and the opportunity has been seized to eliminate the root cause of the disease

in Shahe, Qubin, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, is famous for his efforts in environmental protection. He was promoted to deputy department level in the post of mayor because of his excellent performance in the assessment of the "double 30" project. Familiar with the situation of the glass industry, he was humorously called "deputy director in charge of business of the county environmental protection bureau" by a superior leader

what does glass mean to Shahe? Qubin's understanding is "absolute pillar industry". Statistics show that the annual output value of Shahe glass is 29billion yuan, directly accommodating more than 50000 workers and driving 30000 jobs in related industries

at the beginning of 2014, in order to get rid of the situation that the air quality ranked at the bottom, Xingtai City's air pollution control efforts suddenly upgraded, and this pillar industry once again came to the crossroads - or meet the emission standards, or stop production for treatment, with no other options

Xingtai City proposed a clear time limit for rectification of Shahe glass industry: all production lines should be equipped with desulfurization equipment before the end of June 2014, and denitration equipment before the end of September 2014, otherwise all production will be stopped for rectification

facing the "life and death limit", Shahe City takes pollution control as an important starting point for transformation and upgrading, and promotes the transformation of the glass industry from ordinary float to high-tech products with high added value, low energy consumption and low emissions, such as energy conservation and safety, arts and crafts, and new energy, so as to completely "eradicate the root cause of the disease"

facing the "life and death deadline", Shahe City takes pollution control as the pre condition of production and operation, and takes furnace flameout measures for the four glass production lines that are expected to be impossible to complete the construction of facilities on schedule, so that enterprises realize that pollution control needs to be serious, do not start work without pollution control, and do not produce without reaching the standard

on August 26 last year, there was only one month left before the deadline for rectification. In the face of a series of problems found by higher-level inspectors, Shahe glass enterprises' in-depth pollution control and comprehensive rectification emergency scheduling meeting stressed that the environmental protection work of Shahe city had reached a critical moment

at that time, the heads of all glass enterprises in Shahe were sitting under the stage. Later, either actively or passively, these enterprises resisted the pressure and invested 1.56 billion yuan to build environmental protection projects such as desulfurization, denitration, dust removal, and full closure of stockyards in all 52 glass production lines under production

according to peipeihua, vice mayor of Shahe City, the emission concentration of sulfur dioxide in Shahe glass industry after treatment is about 300 mg/m3 (the national standard is 400 mg/m3), and the emission concentration of nitrogen oxides is about 500 mg/m3 (the national standard is 700 mg/m3)

such a large-scale environmental remediation has not crushed the Shahe glass industry. Data show that at the end of the 11th five year plan, the output of Shahe glass industry was 110million weight boxes, with an output value of 14billion; Up to now, the output of Shahe glass industry is 160million weight boxes, with an output value of 29billion yuan

according to siguoliang, director of Xingtai Environmental Protection Bureau, large-scale environmental remediation has given Shahe glass industry a "pass". He explained that if the emission standards are still not met as in the past, glass enterprises will face greater impact under the background of the implementation of the new environmental protection law

stick to the characteristics of the industry and do things that others can't do.

compared with other industries, the glass industry has its own characteristics. Compared with other places, Shahe glass industry also has its own characteristics. "We fully consider the characteristics of the industry and make full use of them." Zhang Lige, deputy director of Shahe Environmental Protection Bureau, who witnessed and participated in the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry, told

one of the characteristics of the glass industry is that each furnace has a service life, generally 6-8 years. It must be produced continuously and cannot be flamed out, otherwise the whole furnace will be scrapped and the loss will be huge. Shahe City takes advantage of this feature, with high standards and strict requirements. Even if individual enterprises have ideas, they are not willing to lose money for small things

the second characteristic of glass enterprises is that the smoke particles are fine and easy to block the pollution control facilities, and the mature treatment technologies in power, steel and other industries cannot be directly used. However, because flat glass is an industry with low output value and small scale in the national economy, the research on its flue gas treatment technology lags behind

based on this, Shahe city invested more than 100million yuan to cooperate with Wuhan University of technology to establish Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute, a leading domestic scientific research institution invested and constructed by the county-level government. According to Wang Jianzhong, the president of the Institute, the Institute has established four platforms for technology research and development, talent training, product quality testing, and rapid diagnosis and analysis of product defects, effectively promoting scientific and technological innovation in the glass industry

compared with other places, the biggest feature of Shahe glass industry is that the industrial concentration is very high. This puts forward a new topic for the prevention and control of air pollution: a single enterprise has reached the standard, but together, the regional emissions still exceed the environmental capacity

"this feature, on the one hand, increases the difficulty of pollution control and makes it necessary to do things that need not be done in other places. At the same time, it gives us new ideas for pollution control based on this feature and dares to do things that cannot be done in other places." Said Zeng shebin, director of Shahe Environmental Protection Bureau

take the lead, eliminate backward production capacity on a large scale, and promote transformation and upgrading. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, Shahe dismantled and shut down 202 backward glass production lines, eliminating a production capacity of 47.42 million weight boxes, accounting for 158% of the national elimination plan. In the first four years of the 12th Five Year Plan, the thickness measurement of shahetoao 5.2 sample should be accurate to 0.01mm. There are 64 production lines with a backward production capacity of 490347325000 weight boxes, accounting for more than half of the total elimination plan of the 12th Five Year Plan

second, the unified supply of clean coal to gas. Shahe City plans to rely on the 4.8 million standard cubic meters/day high-efficiency clean gas project to gradually ban all glass enterprises' own gas generators, and unify the centralized preparation and supply of clean gas, so as to realize the clean use of coal in the whole glass industry

third, improve the glass industry chain. Take the deep processing of glass as the focus of adjusting the industrial structure and the core of supporting the glass industry, promote the transformation of the glass industry from low-end to high-end, from the primary glass to deep processing, and from building glass to electronic optical glass and new energy glass, and constantly improve the efficiency of products

fourth, carry out pilot projects to zero emissions. According to the plan, Shahe City will accelerate the construction progress of the glass furnace flue gas zero emission of Changzhou Xuntian Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. and the advanced oxidation desulfurization and denitration integrated demonstration project of China huikeyin Technology Development Co., Ltd. after the successful experiment, it will be promoted and implemented in the whole industry to promote the pollution control of the glass industry to zero emission

reaching the environmental protection standard is the "adult gift" of glass enterprises.

"this is my first time to print business cards." Now, when transforming into high-density printing and business card exchange of new energy vehicle batteries, he said that he was previously engaged in direct emission of smoke in the glass industry, so he was embarrassed to print business cards

"reaching the environmental protection standard is a 'rite of passage' for glass enterprises." Qubin said that a modern enterprise cannot pass on its internal costs to the society and cannot push the cost of environmental protection to the society. When the flue gas is directly discharged, the enterprise cannot enter the flow and cannot enter the house

in his view, through the pollution control facilities to achieve standard emissions, the glass enterprise has changed from a very extensive and informal enterprise to a more standardized and modern enterprise, which has standardized the development of the enterprise

talking about atmospheric pollution control and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, Qu bin believes that it is reflected in five aspects: first, standardizing the development of enterprises, second, forcing to improve the management level, third, guiding the industry to develop towards deep processing, fourth, creating a good investment environment, and fifth, giving birth to a number of energy-saving and environmental protection industries

in terms of improving management level, in order to absorb the new environmental protection costs, glass enterprises continue to strengthen independent innovation and reduce pollution and energy consumption. By demonstrating the production process of a kind of polypropylene (PP) margarine packaging in all Netzsch exhibitions, and promoting energy-saving technologies such as oxygen enriched combustion and waste heat power generation in float glass enterprises, the energy consumption per weight box of glass is reduced from 16 kg standard coal to 15 kg standard coal, which can save more than 130000 tons of standard coal per year

taking Shahe Great Wall Glass Co., Ltd. as an example, general manager Wang Hailong said that the construction scale of waste heat power generation of the company reached 36 MW, with an annual power generation of 210 million kwh, and the power consumption was all self-sufficient

the deputy director of Shahe development and Reform Bureau provided a set of comparative data: DD φ 36.30 dd φ 37.00 dd φ 38.50 dd φ 39.80 at the end of the 11th five year plan, the deep processing rate of Shahe glass industry was 13.6%, and now this figure exceeds 40%

it is reported that according to the idea of shortening the supply chain, extending the industrial chain and enhancing the value chain, Shahe city insists on taking the development of glass deep processing as the core of supporting industrial development, and taking the digestion of glass raw pieces and the increase of product added value as important measures to improve the core competitiveness of the industry

nowadays, Shahe glass products have expanded from a single building glass in the past to safe and energy-saving bathroom, decoration, curtain wall glass and other aspects. The added value of products has increased from more than 10 yuan per square meter to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of yuan

statistics show that the city has developed more than 600 glass deep-processing enterprises, with an annual digestion of more than 64 million weight boxes of raw glass, and can produce more than 1000 kinds of glass deep-processing products, such as hollow glass, tempered glass, glass tableware, hollow glass bricks, arts and crafts decoration glass

up to now, Shahe economic and Technological Development Zone has built 8 glass deep processing parks, including Zhengda, Xinlei, Desheng, etc. In each park, there are many glass deep-processing enterprises with different processes and products. These enterprises have become new economic growth points while helping local enterprises digest the production capacity of raw glass

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